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SCA's Dragon Boat International Chess Tournament 2021 Challengers

Last update 14.06.2021 05:52:13, Creator/Last Upload: SCA Chess Academy

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Starting rank

1Xu WinstonCHN1149
2Tao KyleCHN1005
3Alpert CecilyCHN1000
4Chan KevinCHN1000
5Che BlakeCHN1000
6Chen HarryCHN1000
7Chu DavidCHN1000
8Hornbein FinnCHN1000
9Liang WilsonCHN1000
10Lin LunaCHN1000
11Liu AnsonCHN1000
12Plummer MargotCHN1000
13Shi SamCHN1000
14Tang IanCHN1000
15Tong OscarCHN1000
16Wang EdisonCHN1000
17Wong OscarCHN1000
18Xie JunhongCHN1000
19Yin ArronCHN1000