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2014 North American Youth U18 Open

Last update 17.06.2014 01:19:39, Creator/Last Upload: wmrbjr2146plumpony115

Starting rank

1FMWang KevinUSA2433
2FMWilliams JustusUSA2366
3Colas JoshuaUSA2425
4Gu ChristopherUSA2417
5FMZhang YuanchenCAN2377
6Krishnan VarunUSA2374
7Katz AlexanderUSA2358
8Tang AndrewUSA2355
9Hilby CraigUSA2354
10Sohal TanrajCAN2347
11FMCao JasonCAN2330
12Itkin DavidCAN2233
13Liu BoveyUSA2206
14Balakrishnan PraveenUSA2294
15FMKumar AravindUSA2149
16FMNguyen TrungUSA2127
17FMNguyen TanUSA2000
18Riddell ConorUSA1884
19Heredia Madrigal AndreiMEX1845
20Woskob AlexanderUSA1318
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