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2014 North American Youth U16 Open

Last update 17.06.2014 01:20:51, Creator/Last Upload: wmrbjr2146plumpony115

Starting rank

1Wheeler CameronUSA2395
2Viswanadha KesavUSA2361
3Chandran KapilUSA2359
4Liu AndrewUSA2302
5He TommyUSA2288
6Ghatti SanjayUSA2243
7Hernandez-Camden AngelUSA2216
8Chakrasali SamarthUSA2199
9Torres Belman Noe IsaiUSA2178
10Der Manuelian HaikUSA2177
11Lim MichaelUSA2177
12Doknjas JohnCAN2171
13Jacobson AaronUSA2144
14Graif WilliamCAN2125
15Lim MatthewUSA2026
16Gomez Vazquez CarlosUSA1917
17Yaskolko AlexanderUSA1770
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