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2014 North American Youth U18 Girls

Last update 17.06.2014 01:20:24, Creator/Last Upload: wmrbjr2146plumpony115

Starting rank

1WCMZhou QiyuCAN2262
2WFMWang AnnieUSA2205
3WCMFeng MaggieUSA2173
4WFMYu JenniferUSA2172
5Ulrich RachelUSA2101
6WCMXiang EllenUSA2073
7WCMMunoz ClaudiaUSA2060
8WCMGologorsky RachelUSA2057
9Kalaydina Regina-VeronicaCAN1948
10Chu YueUSA1853
11Foote JoanneCAN1757
12Denniston BrittanyUSA1604
13Stanescu-Bellu SofiaUSA1238
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