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2014 North American Youth Under 10 Girls

Last update 17.06.2014 01:25:56, Creator/Last Upload: wmrbjr2146plumpony115

Starting rank

1Zhu EvelynUSA1731
2Matus NastassjaUSA1583
3Zeng SheenaUSA1582
4Qi KathereneUSA1572
5Edelman SAdieUSA1535
6Cao ClaireUSA1509
7Garai AntaraUSA1509
8Chen CarolUSA1498
9Rattray JessicaUSA1460
10Tan KylieCAN1424
11Miyasaka JuliaUSA1391
12Phillips AmandaUSA1307
13Dasari SrihithaUSA1299
14Kao SimonaUSA1218
15Bugayev ElizabethUSA1077
16Radin ClaireCAN930
17Radin PaigeCAN719
18Yang Bo WenCAN568
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