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Šachmatų pavasaris 2013 A

Last update 01.05.2013 14:50:34, Creator/Last Upload: Lithuanian Chess Federation

Final Ranking crosstable after 7 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1Lazaravicius Aras Jonas1735LTU 30b1 27w1 5b0 7w1 9b1 8w1 2w16,026,028,023,0
2Mickus Benas1510LTU 28b1 3w1 7b1 8w1 5b1 4w½ 1b05,531,033,026,0
3Juksta Karolis0LTU 4b1 2b0 17w½ 22b1 15w1 16w1 5b15,526,529,519,5
4Misiuk Emilija1451LTU 3w0 19w1 20b1 27w1 12b1 2b½ 13w15,525,527,520,0
5Siugzdinis Tautvydas1237LTU 13w1 14b1 1w1 15b1 2w0 18b1 3w05,028,532,024,0
6Padolskis Ugnius0LTU 31w1 9b½ 18w½ 12b0 19w1 11b1 16w15,023,025,018,5
7Kadusauskas Juozas0LTU 17w1 11b1 2w0 1b0 14w1 9w½ 15b14,527,531,018,0
8Vaskevicius Augustas1643LTU 20w1 22b1 12w1 2b0 11w1 1b0 10w½4,527,030,021,5
9Auglys Dominykas0LTU 10b1 6w½ 15w½ 21b1 1w0 7b½ 18w14,527,030,018,5
10Mockus Dziugas0LTU 9w0 31b1 25w1 11b0 23w1 20w1 8b½4,522,024,016,5
11Adomaviciute Migle0LTU 23b1 7w0 13b1 10w1 8b0 6w0 24b14,025,528,517,0
12Boyajyan David0LTU 34b1 21w1 8b0 6w1 4w0 13b0 23w14,025,026,018,0
13Kojenets Olegas0LTU 5b0 29w1 11w0 25b1 21w1 12w1 4b04,024,526,515,0
14Plutaite Ausra0LTU 33b1 5w0 16b0 30w1 7b0 27w1 20b14,020,021,014,0
15Venckevicius Justas0LTU 29b1 16w1 9b½ 5w0 3b0 17b1 7w03,526,528,517,5
16Akelaitis Kajus0LTU 32w1 15b0 14w1 18b½ 17w1 3b0 6b03,525,027,017,0
17Karpiejus Edvardas1340LTU 7b0 23w1 3b½ 19w1 16b0 15w0 26b13,523,526,513,5
18Noreika Normantas0LTU 19b½ 33w1 6b½ 16w½ 27b1 5w0 9b03,523,524,517,0
19Bagvilas Lukas0LTU 18w½ 4b0 24w1 17b0 6b0 32w1 29b13,522,524,511,5
20Jaskunaite Auguste0LTU 8b0 26w1 4w0 24b1 32w1 10b0 14w03,024,526,513,0
21Zvirblis Povilas0LTU 25w1 12b0 22w1 9w0 13b0 23b0 34w13,021,522,513,0
22Dadurka Povilas0LTU 26b1 8w0 21b0 3w0 30b1 24w0 28b13,021,023,011,0
23Krikscionaitis Jonas0LTU 11w0 17b0 33b1 29w1 10b0 21w1 12b03,021,022,011,0
24Serpenskas Dovydas0LTU 27b0 28w1 19b0 20w0 31b1 22b1 11w03,017,519,511,0
25Izokaitis Henrikas0LTU 21b0 34w1 10b0 13w0 28b0 33w1 27b13,016,517,59,0
26Smolenskas Lukas0LTU 22w0 20b0 30b0 33w1 29b1 28w1 17w03,015,516,59,0
27Dabuzinskas Arvydas0LTU 24w1 1b0 32w1 4b0 18w0 14b0 25w02,025,027,012,0
28Jukna Emilis0LTU 2w0 24b0 31w1 32b0 25w1 26b0 22w02,019,521,58,0
29Izokaitis Airidas0LTU 15w0 13b0 34w1 23b0 26w0 31b1 19w02,019,020,07,0
30Januskevicius Mantas0LTU 1w0 32b0 26w1 14b0 22w0 34b0 33b12,019,020,06,0
31Balcas Gediminas0LTU 6b0 10w0 28b0 34b1 24w0 29w0 32b12,018,519,55,0
32Laskevicius Benas0LTU 16b0 30w1 27b0 28w1 20b0 19b0 31w02,016,018,010,0
33Bauzaite Kotryna0LTU 14w0 18b0 23w0 26b0 34w1 25b0 30w01,018,519,53,0
34Serpenskaite Vilte0LTU 12w0 25b0 29b0 31w0 33b0 30w1 21b01,016,017,02,0

Tie Break1: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break2: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break3: Fide Tie-Break

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