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2013 Hong Kong Juniors Rapid Chess U10

Last update 29.04.2013 03:24:22, Creator/Last Upload: hong kong chess federation

Final Ranking after 7 Rounds

Rk.SNoNamesexClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
113313 Huang Ho PangYang Sien Yat School6,031,524,026,00
220321 Kwong Wing KiKowloon Junior School6,030,523,025,50
38308 Choy Hong Lui RonaldIsf Academy5,533,024,024,50
424325 Li ColemanSingapore International School5,035,525,523,75
511311 Garceran Wang Miguel AngelDiscovery College5,031,523,021,00
65305 Chen MatthewGerman Swiss International Sch5,031,022,019,00
735336 Nathan ArjunThe Harbour School5,030,522,020,00
846349 Yau Kwok Yui OliverSt Stephens College Preparator5,029,521,018,75
944346 Wong Sabrina Chun YanwIsf Academy5,029,022,517,50
1015315 Jabal BenIsf Academy5,023,517,014,50
1112312 Ho NathanielGlenealy School4,528,020,015,50
1231332 Mak TobyQuarry Bay School4,526,019,013,75
131301 Au Ka Pang AndyHong Kong International School4,525,018,512,75
1414314 Ishida ZacharyKennedy School4,031,522,515,50
1545347 Wong Vanessa Chun SzewIsf Academy4,030,021,514,00
167307 Ching King Buet MarcoIsf Academy4,026,519,512,50
179309 Fong MarcusIsf Academy4,026,017,013,25
1826327 Li Timothy Tin LamQuarry Bay School4,025,518,013,25
1925326 Li Shing Yan DavidKau Yan School4,025,517,513,00
2027328 Lim Joshua TQuarry Bay School4,023,016,010,50
2121322 Lee Gerent Chak YanRaimondi College Primary Secti4,023,016,010,00
2237338 Nijsen NikHong Kong International School4,022,017,09,50
232302 Bae DanielHong Kong International School3,527,520,012,25
2448351 Zheng DanielHong Kong International School3,527,019,011,50
2523324 Lee ZackQuarry Bay School3,526,518,511,75
2643345 Wolhardt EllywHong Kong International School3,524,517,59,50
2730331 Maheshwari ArunavFrench International School3,028,521,09,00
2839340 Siu Aidan Jun TienKiangsu & Chekiang Internation3,024,517,57,00
2942344 Wang AndrewBradbury School3,024,017,06,50
306306 Chiang EdisonKiangsu & Chekiang Internation3,023,016,56,50
3141343 Turel UshaanKennedy School3,023,015,57,00
3236337 Ng ChungQuarry Bay School3,022,516,56,50
3319320 Kwon DavidHong Kong International School3,021,515,57,00
3433334 Mcmurtray SarawGerman Swiss International Sch3,018,513,04,00
3534335 Mo Shui LunPun U Association Wah Yan Prim3,017,512,55,00
3647350 Yip Pok Hei EthanPun U Association Wah Yan Prim2,520,515,04,50
3740341 Tullis DoddyBradbury School2,520,515,03,50
3832333 Mao HenryPun U Association Wah Yan Prim2,023,516,03,50
3910310 Ganeshram AnishHong Kong International School2,020,014,04,00
403303 Chan AariciawSingapore International School2,020,013,54,00
4122323 Lee Lok HeiHkbuas Wong Kam Fai Secondary2,019,513,02,75
4228329 Lin KennethKennedy School2,016,512,03,50
4316317 Kirk Scott Brian AlexKennedy School2,016,011,53,50
4438339 Sheung IanKiangsu & Chekiang Internation2,015,010,52,75
454304 Chan IsaacPun U Association Wah Yan Prim1,517,012,03,50
4618319 Kumar SiddharthGerman Swiss International Sch1,020,514,02,00
4717318 Kong Catrina Ching ManwSt. Stephens College0,521,514,51,50
4829330 Lin Kuan Ting LawrenceQuarry Bay School0,019,513,50,00

Tie Break1: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break2: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break3: Sonneborn-Berger-Tie-Break variable