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Zonal 2.4 Absoluto 2013 Brasil - Peru - BolĂ­via

Last update 03.05.2013 20:59:56, Creator/Last Upload: cbx - confederacao brasileira de xadrez

Player info

NameGallo Ponce Elbert
Starting rank17
Rating national0
Rating international2233
Performance rating2309
FIDE rtg +/-13,2
Year of birth 1968


11759De Oliveira Freitas Reinier Al1881BRA3,5w 1151,65
21540Macedo Jr Levy Salviano De2041BRA2,5s 1153,75
344GMCori Jorge2546PER7,0w 015-2,10
41236Lima Endson Dos Santos2076BRA5,0s 015-10,65
51745Martins Anmartom Mugabe Lourei2000BRA4,0w 1153,15
61334Zallio Luciano De Souza2116BRA6,0s 1155,10
71173De Souza Ivo Eduardo Medeiros0BRA5,5w 1
8610FMSupi Luis Paulo2321BRA6,5s ½151,80
978FMMacedo Maximo Iack2386BRA5,0w 11510,50
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