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23st World Senior Chess Championship - women section

Last update 22.11.2013 21:41:37, Creator/Last Upload: croatian chess federation

Player overview for mkd

14WFMKierzek Mira2005MKD0101½½½½15,013197415-3,0023rd World senior chess c

Results of the last round for mkd

Rd.Bo.No. NameRtgPts. ResultPts. NameRtg No.
Kabanova Irina19514 0 - 14 WFMKierzek Mira2005

Player details for mkd

WFM Kierzek Mira 2005 MKD Rp:1974 Pts. 5,0
12WGMStrutinskaya Galina N2299RUS6,0s 00,15-0,1515-2,25
219Milashevskaja Valentina1814RUS4,0w 10,750,25153,75
313WFMKhropova Larisa2009RUS5,5s 00,49-0,4915-7,35
423Arginbayeva Maryana1518KAZ2,5w 10,920,08151,20
515CMMilligan Helen1977NZL4,5s ½0,54-0,0415-0,60
617Baliuniene Margarita1885LTU5,0w ½0,66-0,1615-2,40
710WIMBeltz Martina2100GER5,0s ½0,370,13151,95
818Khalturina Tatiana1823RUS4,5w ½0,74-0,2415-3,60
916Kabanova Irina1951RUS4,0s 10,580,42156,30
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