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2013 China chess individual tournament group A (men)

Last update 27.04.2013 12:32:25, Creator/Last Upload: chinesechessassociation

Starting rank list of players

4GMWang YueCHN2706
1GMLi Chao BCHN2686
7GMYu YangyiCHN2675
11GMBu XiangzhiCHN2662
12GMHou YifanCHN2617
10GMZhou JianchaoCHN2607
6GMZhou WeiqiCHN2590
8GMZhao JunCHN2589
9GMMa QunCHN2559
5GMLi ShilongCHN2558
2GMXiu DeshunCHN2534
3IMWei YiCHN2530