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Eesti kuni 14-aastaste meistrivõistlused, noormehed

Last update 14.04.2013 16:39:51, Creator/Last Upload: eesti maleliit

Final Ranking crosstable after 7 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.RdPts. TB1 
1Chukavin Kirill1845EST 21b1 6w½ 4b1 14w1 8w1 5b1 2w½6,027,0
2Garanin Aleksei1630EST 23w1 20b1 5b0 3w1 14b1 8w1 1b½5,526,5
3Nero Georg1682EST 24b1 12w½ 10b1 2b0 16w1 6w1 8b15,525,5
4Sirp Karl Aleksander1523EST 25w1 15b1 1w0 11b½ 9w½ 20b1 14w15,024,0
5Tumanov Dmitri1773EST 13w1 9b1 2w1 8b0 15w1 1w0 7b½4,528,0
6Ivanov Platon1620EST 26w1 1b½ 14w0 10b1 17w1 3b0 15w14,526,0
7Liebert Erwin1669EST 22w0 14b0 30w1 23b1 21w1 13b1 5w½4,520,5
8Lumiste Rene1701EST 17w1 16b1 11w1 5w1 1b0 2b0 3w04,029,0
9Bondar Daniil1619EST 30b1 5w0 17b½ 19w1 4b½ 15b½ 13w½4,024,0
10Taruta Ilja1463EST 14w½ 21b1 3w0 6w0 24b1 11b½ 20w14,023,5
11Vaino Nikita1624EST 27b1 22w1 8b0 4w½ 13b0 10w½ 21b14,023,0
12Aga Rihard1560EST 28w1 3b½ 15w0 17w0 18b1 16b½ 22w14,022,5
13Rattik Artjom1506EST 5b0 30w1 26b1 16b½ 11w1 7w0 9b½4,022,5
14Skladtsikov Andrei1707EST 10b½ 7w1 6b1 1b0 2w0 19w1 4b03,529,5
15Zubehhin Aleksei1639EST 18b1 4w0 12b1 20w1 5b0 9w½ 6b03,525,5
16Noormets Alex Hendrik1549EST 29b1 8w0 22b1 13w½ 3b0 12w½ 18b½3,524,0
17Menkov Artjom1388EST 8b0 29w1 9w½ 12b1 6b0 18w0 24b13,522,5
18Atanesjan Semjon1362EST 15w0 28b1 20w0 25b1 12w0 17b1 16w½3,519,5
19Veske Aleksander Daniel1211EST 20w0 23b½ 25w1 9b0 28w1 14b0 27w13,517,0
20Kosõhh Kirill1520EST 19b1 2w0 18b1 15b0 22w1 4w0 10b03,025,0
21Pedoson Georg Aleksander1511EST 1w0 10w0 29b1 27w1 7b0 25b1 11w03,022,5
22Bogdanov Aleksei1376EST 7b1 11b0 16w0 26w1 20b0 27w1 12b03,021,0
23Derevjanko Dmitri1358EST 2b0 19w½ 24b½ 7w0 27b0 29w½ 26b12,520,0
24Ganyavin Artjom1380EST 3w0 26b0 23w½ 30b1 10w0 28b1 17w02,519,5
25Pool Stein Marten1221EST 4b0 27w1 19b0 18w0 26b1 21w0 29b02,019,0
26Semjonov Sergei1327EST 6b0 24w1 13w0 22b0 25w0 30b1 23w02,018,5
27Hansson Markus1344EST 11w0 25b0 28w1 21b0 23w1 22b0 19b02,018,0
28Simmermann Kaspar1296EST 12b0 18w0 27b0 29w1 19b0 24w0 30b12,017,0
29Veerik Oleg1235EST 16w0 17b0 21w0 28b0 30w0 23b½ 25w11,516,5
30Pärn Rasmus1316EST 9w0 13b0 7b0 24w0 29b1 26w0 28w01,019,0

Tie Break1: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)