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Torneo de Navidad CajaCanarias 2007

Last update 10.01.2008 20:36:20, Creator/Last Upload: correa hernández, samuel

Starting rank

1GMFernandez Garcia Jose LuisESP2459Can
2IMTatai StefanoITA2342Can
3FMCabrera Trujillo Jorge JuanESP2317Can
4Rodriguez Gonzalez JavierESP2263Mad
5Martin Luis CesarESP2246Can
6FMMendoza Contreras Lucas E.ESP2219Can
7Villavicencio Martinez CarlosESP2195Can
8Gomez Camacho RodolfoESP2187Can
9Hidalgo Santana FernandoESP2161Can
10Kraus OliverGER2155Can
11Fernandez Manrique AgustinESP2153Can
12Rodriguez Vera GregorioESP2137Can
13Machin Arbelo Pedro AlexisESP2113Can
14Lopez Pereyra AntonioESP2102Can
15Ortells Perez VictorESP2083Can
16Alvarez Diaz VictorESP2031Can
17Darias Darias LuisESP2022Can
18Martin Hernandez Jonas DavidESP2005Can
19Perez Gutierrez NauzetESP1998Can
20Rodriguez Falcon Jesus ManuelESP1997Can
21Arnaiz Yanes Miguel AngelESP1994Can
22Heimbacher PeterGER1975Can
23Rodriguez Lorenzo YadiraESP1905Can
24Rodriguez Fernandez Cristian AESP1901Can
25Meneses Gonzalez KevinESP1882Can
26Mingorance Torres FranciscoESP1878Can
27Calvo Nobrega Joaquin M.ESP1877Can
28Rivas Crespo AlexanderESP1867Can
29Martin Botella DavidESP1849Can
30Sanchez Martin JacoboESP1836Can
31Rodriguez Torres CristoESP1824Can
32Rodriguez Lapetra PabloESP1805Can
33Perez Celis AlbaESP1741Can
34Rodriguez Garcia YaizaESP1737Can
35Perez De La Torre JorgeESP1719Can
36Egea Vandepette AliciaESP1716Can
37Gonzalez Moreno Juan CarlosESP1704Can
38Gonzalez Diaz EusebioESP1561Can
39Estevez Hernandez CristoESP1527Can
40Nortes Hernandez PedroESP1488Can
41Silvan Pages JoseESP1776Can
42Campos Vera CarlosESP1641Can
43Rivas Crespo AlejandroESP1634Can
44Ca├▒izares Gil PedroESP1536Can
45Gonzalez Garcia JesusESP1524Can
46De Maria Campos YerayESP1371Can
47Alonso Pittaluga AdrianESP0
48Febles Dominguez Alfonso JesusESP0
49Ferrera Gonzalez CarlosESP0
50Garcia Iglesias Jose CarlosESP0
51Gil-Bermejo Alfonso AdamESP0
52Gil-Bermejo Alfonso ArianaESP0
53Hernandez Rodriguez Ana MariaESP0
54Lopez Caro IvanESP0
55Negrin Mendoza AlejandroESP0
56Pineda Dominguez Pamela MarcelMEX0
57Pozo Vinuesa AnaESP0
58Pozo Vinuesa ElenaESP0
59Pozo Vinuesa PedroESP0
60Rodriguez Lapetra JaimeESP0
61Rodriguez Lapetra JavierESP0
62Ruiz Perez JeremyESP0
63Ruiz Yanes Jose DavidESP0