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Latvian Chess championship final-2013

Last update 20.04.2013 15:14:20, Creator/Last Upload: savieniba

Final Ranking crosstable after 9 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.Rd9.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1GMKovalenko Igor2596LAT 20w1 8b1 10w1 2b½ 6w1 3b1 7w1 12b½ 4w07,039,049,52575
2GMNeiksans Arturs2539LAT 24w1 16b1 11w1 1w½ 4b½ 10b1 6w½ 3b½ 7w½6,537,547,52518
3NMKretainis Kristaps2228LAT 29w0 27b1 26b1 23w1 12b1 1w0 11b1 2w½ 6b16,532,041,02511
4FMMeskovs Nikita2328LAT 9b½ 22w1 5b½ 8w1 2w½ 6b0 21w½ 18b1 1b16,036,547,02434
5NMPutka Verners2321LAT 19w½ 7b½ 4w½ 28b1 14w0 18b½ 13w1 17b1 10w16,032,540,02309
6GMSveshnikov Evgeny2534LAT 23b1 12w1 17b½ 15w1 1b0 4w1 2b½ 10b½ 3w05,537,548,02388
7NMKlimakovs Sergejs2248LAT 22b½ 5w½ 18b½ 9w1 17b1 8w½ 1b0 11w1 2b½5,536,046,52340
8IMAntoms Guntars2376LAT 27w1 1w0 9b1 4b0 13w1 7b½ 17w½ 15w½ 12w15,535,544,52306
9MKStepins Edgars2102LAT 4w½ 21b1 8w0 7b0 28w1 13b0 16w1 20b1 15b15,532,540,02297
10IMSveshnikov Vladimir2434LAT 13w1 28b1 1b0 17w1 18b1 2w0 12b½ 6w½ 5b05,036,044,52310
11FMLavendelis Egons2337LAT 25w1 29b+ 2b0 12w0 19b1 14b1 3w0 7b0 17w15,034,544,02249
12MKBernotas Arturs2268LAT 26w1 6b0 19w1 11b1 3w0 21b1 10w½ 1w½ 8b05,034,543,52372
13MKOsis Renars2143LAT 10b0 20b½ 14w½ 27w1 8b0 9w1 5b0 22w1 18w15,032,540,52261
14IMBerzinsh Roland2411LAT 15b½ 17w0 13b½ 24w1 5b1 11w0 18w0 21b1 19b15,029,538,52232
15MKStarcevs Dmitrijs2123LAT 14w½ 19b½ 16w1 6b0 21w0 22b1 20w1 8b½ 9w04,532,041,02256
16MKKalnins Kristaps2280LAT 18b1 2w0 15b0 22w½ 23b1 17w0 9b0 25b1 21w14,528,538,02160
17MKTokranovs Dmitrijs2110LAT 21w1 14b1 6w½ 10b0 7w0 16b1 8b½ 5w0 11b04,035,545,02323
18MKDunaveckis Deniss2043LAT 16w0 24b1 7w½ 20b1 10w0 5w½ 14b1 4w0 13b04,035,044,02245
19MKRasa Gints2085LAT 5b½ 15w½ 12b0 25w1 11w0 20b0 24w1 23b1 14w04,029,538,52195
20FMKrustkalns Kristaps2244LAT 1b0 13w½ 22b½ 18w0 26b1 19w1 15b0 9w0 27b14,028,537,52084
21FMKantans Toms2356LAT 17b0 9w0 27b1 26w1 15b1 12w0 4b½ 14w0 16b03,530,538,52115
22MKVins Aleksis1915LAT 7w½ 4b0 20w½ 16b½ 24b½ 15w0 25w1 13b0 23w½3,530,039,02120
23MKVisockis Janis2144LAT 6w0 25b1 28w½ 3b0 16w0 24b½ 26w1 19w0 22b½3,525,533,52053
24NMDaudzvardis Janis2185LAT 2b0 18w0 25b1 14b0 22w½ 23w½ 19b0 27b0 28w13,025,033,02010
25MKMierins Eriks2105LAT 11b0 23w0 24w0 19b0 27b1 28w1 22b0 16w0 26w13,022,528,51979
26MKKrilovs Nikolaijs2013LAT 12b0 -1 3w0 21b0 20w0 27w1 23b0 28w½ 25b02,524,532,51914
27MKIndricans Olgerts2120LAT 8b0 3w0 21w0 13b0 25w0 26b0 28b1 24w1 20w02,026,034,01947
28MKShumskis Aleksandrs1853LAT -1 10w0 23b½ 5w0 9b0 25b0 27w0 26b½ 24b02,026,034,01856
29GMMiezis Normunds2556LAT 3b1 11w- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -01,028,036,50

Tie Break1: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break2: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break3: Performance (variable with parameter)