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2013 m. LTU pusfinalis LTU ch semifinal

Last update 03.03.2013 18:59:06, Creator/Last Upload: Lithuanian Chess Federation

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Final Ranking crosstable after 8 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1Laurusas Tomas2377LTU 19b1 16w1 28b½ 6w1 3b½ 4w1 2b½ 9w16,536,54030
2Stremavicius Titas2172LTU 24w1 20b½ 15w1 9b½ 8w1 5b½ 1w½ 7b1636,540,527,5
3IMLabeckas Kestutis2371LTU 41w1 8b½ 23w1 40b1 1w½ 9b½ 7w½ 14b163436,528
4Kalvaitis Sigitas2223LTU 10w½ 31b1 8w½ 12b1 7w1 1b0 18w1 5b½5,536,54025,5
5FMVedrickas Tautvydas2261LTU 21b1 29w½ 11b1 17w½ 16b1 2w½ 9b½ 4w½5,53538,527
6Juknis Paulius2140LTU 22w1 12b1 9w½ 1b0 26w1 18b½ 10w½ 11b½535,539,525
7WIMZaksaite Salomeja2162LTU 34b1 17w½ 29b1 28w1 4b0 11w1 3b½ 2w053437,526,5
8Tvarijonas Tomas2062LTU 35b1 3w½ 4b½ 24w1 2b0 25w½ 28b1 13b½53437,523,5
9Rimeikis Andrius2104LTU 45w1 44b1 6b½ 2w½ 28b1 3w½ 5w½ 1b053435,527
10Miknevicius Laurynas1906LTU 4b½ 11w0 35b1 23b1 13w½ 40w1 6b½ 12w½53336,521,5
11Valiunas Rimantas2068LTU 31w½ 10b1 5w0 46b1 40w1 7b0 25b1 6w½531,53522,5
12Valantiejus Vaidotas1978LTU 47b1 6w0 30b1 4w0 34b1 13b½ 26w1 10b½531,532,522
13Vaicekauskas Gytis2113LTU 30b½ 33w1 17b0 19w1 10b½ 12w½ 29b1 8w½53134,522
14Setkauskas Vaidas2216LTU 25b0 32w0 39b1 42w1 24b1 17w1 16b1 3w0529,531,520
15Ziogas Modestas1957LTU 38b1 40w½ 2b0 27w1 29b½ 16w0 36b1 23b1528,53121,5
16Jankunas Tomas2028LTU 43w1 1b0 22w1 32b1 5w0 15b1 14w0 18b½4,534,536,522,5
17Brazdzionis Andrius1961LTU 36w1 7b½ 13w1 5b½ 18w½ 14b0 23w½ 20b½4,533,53623,5
18Bieliauskas Marius2138LTU 33b½ 30w½ 27b1 21w1 17b½ 6w½ 4b0 16w½4,531,53522,5
19Ceponis Tadas1931LTU 1w0 45b1 46w½ 13b0 33w1 26b0 24w1 30b14,53031,517
20Vaitonis Vytautas2023LTU 39b1 2w½ 40b0 34w½ 30b½ 36w½ 37b1 17w½4,52729,520
21Voronov Vadim1914LTU 5w0 43b1 44w1 18b0 32w½ 23b0 31w1 28w14,526,52818
22Dzenkauskas Jurgis1834LTU 6b0 47w1 16b0 36w½ 27b1 28w0 42b1 29w14,5252616,5
23Batkovskyte Dominyka2101LTU 37b1 27w½ 3b0 10w0 41b1 21w1 17b½ 15w043234,519,5
24Kuvsinov Anatolij1895LTU 2b0 39w1 36b1 8b0 14w0 30w1 19b0 37w143032,517
25Slusnys Evaldas1896LTU 14w1 28w0 32b0 45b1 31w1 8b½ 11w0 26b½429,53119
26Vasylius Kestutis2107LTU 27b0 37w1 34b½ 41w1 6b0 19w1 12b0 25w½42931,518,5
27Sabaliauskis Martynas1665LTU 26w1 23b½ 18w0 15b0 22w0 33b½ 44w1 38w1428,53016
28Armonaitis Silvestras2112LTU 32w1 25b1 1w½ 7b0 9w0 22b1 8w0 21b03,534,53821
29Grybas Gintaras2003LTU 42w1 5b½ 7w0 31b½ 15w½ 32b1 13w0 22b03,5323419
30Kadonas Kestutis1728LTU 13w½ 18b½ 12w0 44b1 20w½ 24b0 32w1 19w03,53132,516,5
31Salna Aleksandras1581LTU 11b½ 4w0 37b1 29w½ 25b0 34w½ 21b0 42w13,5293115
32Eigminas Kipras1678LTU 28b0 14b1 25w1 16w0 21b½ 29w0 30b0 36w13,528,53116
33Barsciauskas Gintautas1788LTU 18w½ 13b0 41w0 38w1 19b0 27w½ 34b1 35w½3,52830,513
34Janulynas Jonas1852LTU 7w0 42b1 26w½ 20b½ 12w0 31b½ 33w0 41b13,5283015
35Jansonas Gaudenis1575LTU 8w0 41b½ 10w0 43b½ 38w1 37w0 45b1 33b½3,52425,512,5
36Jasiunas Raimundas0LTU 17b0 -1 24w0 22b½ 45w1 20b½ 15w0 32b032930,515
37Bisigirskas Paulius1608LTU 23w0 26b0 31w0 39b1 47w1 35b1 20w0 24b0326,527,512
38Kalenikas Vladimiras0LTU 15w0 46b0 43w1 33b0 35b0 45w1 47w1 27b03232411
39Skripkiunas Benas1534LTU 20w0 24b0 14w0 37w0 43b1 47b½ 41w½ 44b1322,523,57,5
40Lipskij Valerij2135LTU 46w1 15b½ 20w1 3w0 11b0 10b0 -0 -02,53336,517,5
41Zebelis Rimantas1924LTU 3b0 35w½ 33b1 26b0 23w0 42w½ 39b½ 34w02,527,529,512
42Vasiliauskas Domas1464LTU 29b0 34w0 -1 14b0 44w1 41b½ 22w0 31b02,52526,511,5
43Jeriominas Jurijus1547LTU 16b0 21w0 38b0 35w½ 39w0 44b0 -1 47b12,521225,5
44Mironenko Leonid0LTU -1 9w0 21b0 30w0 42b0 43w1 27b0 39w0225,527,511
45Askinazi Feliksas1626LTU 9b0 19w0 47b1 25w0 36b0 38b0 35w0 -1223,524,57
46Stankevicius Vytautas1782LTU 40b0 38w1 19b½ 11w0 -0 -0 -0 -01,526,52910
47Karpiejus Edvardas1393LTU 12w0 22b0 45w0 -1 37b0 39w½ 38b0 43w01,522,5246,5

Tie Break1: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break2: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break3: Fide Tie-Break

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