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1st National Transfer Chess Tournament

Last update 04.02.2013 12:12:49, Creator/Last Upload: singapore chess federation


Round 11

Bo.No.NameRtgPts. ResultPts. NameRtgNo.
17Team GC (Gabriel Cheang, Gerald19896 ½ - ½9 SMU (Jason Goh, Cyril Chua)20425
24Team Unfit (Teo Wei Xing, Wee Zh21155 0 - 18 Under-Rated Jokers (Tan Weiliang22402
312Auntin (Tin Jingyao, Lee Qing Au18568 1 - 05 Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (21723
46The Victorious Lambs (Victoria C19966 0 - 17 ACS Forever (Nathanael Ong, Phil19439
58Retired (Iskandar Abdullah, Shaw19486 1 - 06 cr1tiKal (Derek Lim, Linson Lim)186511
610Invincible II (Benjamin Foo, Jon19255 0 - 15 N&N (Tin Ruiqi, Steffi Lim)154516
715A & C Masters (Alfred Chua, Carw15545 0 - 15 ACSI (Tommy Tan, Rudolph Lau)166713
824NUS High Team 1 (Khaartik Kumar,05 1 - 05 Victoria-Najwa (Victoria Fam, Na165214
927UJ (Uttawa Pahwa, Tin Jingshun)05 0 - 14 NUS High Team 2 (Delvin Goh, Cha025
1017Raffles MindSports (Neha Shankar14274 1 - 03 BlackWhite (Ricnesh Ravind G.N.,021
1118ACJC01 (Joshua Koo, Ng Yin Hao)03 0 - 14 Counter-Logic Chess (Jacob Tan,022
1219ACJC02 (Mohd Naveem Rustom, Jame03 1 - 02 ACJC03 (Lucas Lee, Jun Sheng)020
1326Team SJI (Kerwin Lim, Jung Young05 1 bye
141Boon Lay Pri (Goh Weiming, Seow22500 0 not paired
1523JUST-WIN (Justin Ho, Winston Ho)00 0 not paired
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