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Campionat Sub-18 Lleida 2013

Last update 02.03.2013 23:49:52, Creator/Last Upload: Imma Montoliu Daroca

Starting rank

1Orrit Sole GerardESP17962013Balaguer
2Fortuny Profitos JordiESP17891972Balaguer
3Torrent Casado MarcESP17381913Geva-Cea
4Fumas Fontova EudaldESP17331947Balaguer
5Da Rocha Soares DianaESP15731757Geva-Cea
6Nieto Badia PauESP15111716Balaguer
7Font Moreno SantiESP14671730Balaguer
8Sasplugas Navarro GuillemESP01702Geva-Cea
9Rumi Camero JoelESP01701Balaguer
10Teixido Rosauro IvanESP01700Balaguer
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