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Campionat SUB10 2013 - Comarques Pirinenques

Last update 03.03.2013 20:10:08, Creator/Last Upload: federació d’escacs valls d’andorra

Starting rank

1Ribera Veganzones Josep MariaAND1723GEVA-CEA
2Alcon Llosada AlexAND1700GEVA-CEA
3Alcon Llosada JaumeAND1700GEVA-CEA
4Cassany Garcia AlexAND1700GEVA-CEA
5Checchi Cho AdamAND1700GEVA-CEA
6Checchi Cho ArianAND1700GEVA-CEA
7De la Riva Real AriadnaAND1700GEVA-CEA
8Estañol Garcia XavierAND1700GEVA-CEA
9Garcia Profitos NilAND1700GEVA-CEA
10Obiols Blanco EloiAND1700GEVA-CEA
11Obiols Blanco OriolAND1700GEVA-CEA
12Ribera Veganzones SerniAND1700GEVA-CEA
13Saez Ramos CarlosAND1700GEVA-CEA
14Torres Domenjo RocAND1700GEVA-CEA