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UASS Nyårssnmabben 2013

Senast uppdaterad15.01.2013 22:20:28, Creator/Last Upload: David Foster

Slutställning efter 6 ronder

Plac.SNrNamnNationRatingPoäng TB1  TB2 
11Lindberg BengtSWE24506,014,522,5
23Johansson Carl FredrikSWE22225,013,521,5
34Dolata HenrykSWE21004,013,522,0
47Franzén ThomasSWE19783,514,022,0
52Jansson BörjeSWE22653,513,522,0
69Nylund SevedSWE19023,510,017,0
75Falk LarsSWE20693,012,519,5
811Berglund Nils-ErikSWE18573,09,015,0
914Bäcklin TorbjörnSWE16012,512,018,0
106Nilsson MatsSWE20072,511,017,0
12Mitra AshokeSWE16672,511,017,0
1210Nyberg BoSWE18722,511,016,5
138Strand UlfSWE19502,09,015,0
1415Frantz DylanSWE15892,09,013,5
1516Persson ToreSWE14261,510,014,5
1613Elfversson CajsaSWE16411,010,015,0

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