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Campionat de Nadal 2012

Last update 15.12.2012 19:46:56, Creator/Last Upload: federació d’escacs valls d’andorra

Starting rank

1De la Riva OscarAND2542
2Simonet MarcAND2354
3Garcia RaulAND2271
4Jose DanielAND2262
5Fassnacht PeterAND2204
6Ribera JosepAND2190
7Mateu EsteveAND2115
8Onna JosepAND2105
9Pericas MarcAND1960
10Casanovas EricAND1936
11Gras FerranAND1913
12Gorgues J.M.AND1912
13Gomez AntonioAND1907
14Pantebre BenetAND1864
15Riba ValentíAND1842
16Jansat ArnauAND1810
17Moscoso JoanAND1781
18Galera MariaAND1761
19Navarro ErnestAND1716
20De la Riva AriadnaAND1700
21Jansat ToniAND1700
22Ribera jr. Josep Ma.AND1700
23Ribera SerniAND1600
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