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Championnat u15 de Hinche

Last update 11.12.2012 20:09:39, Creator/Last Upload: education license (until 31.12.2012)

Starting rank

1Joseph StanleyHAI1280Ajeh
2Loiuchard BenjamenHAI1230
3Pauleon Max-StenfildHAI1230Ajeh
4St Vilma MakensonHAI1214Ajeh
5Jean WawensHAI1206Ajeh
6Jean Mike RedondoHAI1200Ajeh
7Neptune RodneyHAI1200Ajeh
8Casseus ChiletHAI0Ajeh
9Edouard CarlHAI0Ajeh
10Jn Laurent WilkyHAI0Ajeh
11Lacroix LouvenskyHAI0Ajeh
12Louvenson LaurientHAI0
13Milfort Jn BaptisteHAI0
14Paul LouvenskyHAI0Ajeh
15St Vilma Karl AndyHAI0Ajeh