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Zadar Open 2012 Group A

Last update 22.12.2012 13:03:06, Creator/Last Upload: croatian chess federation

Player info

NameIvanov Borislav
Starting rank36
Rating national2277
Rating international2227
Performance rating2697
FIDE rtg +/-73,8
Year of birth 1987


11818FMSchachinger Mario2426AUT4,5w 10,240,761511,40
2710GMJovanić Ognjen2538CROŠK Liburnija, Rijeka5,5s 00,14-0,1415-2,10
3127GMKurajica Bojan2565BIHGŠK Mravince-Cemex, Mravince4,5w 10,120,881513,20
478GMKuljašević Davorin2561CROŠK Liburnija, Rijeka5,5s ½0,120,38155,70
579GMZelčić Robert2560CROŠK Zagreb, Zagreb4,5w 10,120,881513,20
622GMKožul Zdenko2638CROHAŠK Mladost, Zagreb5,5s 10,080,921513,80
711GMSumets Andrey2638UKR6,0s ½0,080,42156,30
815GMPredojević Borki2600BIHŠK Bosna, Sarajevo6,5w 00,10-0,1015-1,50
933GMŠarić Ivan2626CROŠK Liburnija, Rijeka5,0s 10,080,921513,80
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