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Novice Tournament Under 6

Last update 18.11.2012 14:04:58, Creator/Last Upload: muñiz pardiño, alberto

Starting rank

1Chang Joshua0ISF
2Chang Keanu0Learning Habitat Kindergarten 
3Cheng CarolynHKG0
4Cheng Sze Chit0SJS
5Chiang Alana0ISF
6Ching Hailey0Kau Yan
7Ching Megan0ISF
8Fong Marcus0ISF
9Fung Wai Ching WilfredHKG0
10Fung Wai Chung WilbertHKG0Kau Yan School
11Garceran Wang Mei Jing0Discovery College
12Hau Timothy0studio 49
13Lee Matthew Chunk Hei0Kau Yan
14Liu ChrisHKG0
15Naqvi Aleesha0Discovery College
16Ng Ryan Sze Yu0Ma Tau Chung Government Primary Sch
17Robinson Juliette E0CDNIS
18Sayadi CedicHKG0
19Schneider Dean0BHS
20Schrantz James0ISF
21Stewart Calum0Harrow
22Tommy YauHKG0Studio 49
23Wong Colin0QBS
24Wong Timothy0ISF
25Zeth HongHKG0Studio 49
26Zhang Ryan Jon0BHS
27Zhu Ethan0SJS