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II Torneig Internacional d´escacs Vila d´Andratx

Last update 14.10.2007 17:23:11, Creator/Last Upload: asensio ferrari, enrique

Starting rank list of players

6GMMovsziszian KarenARM2531Armenia
7IMMateo RamonDOM2493Rep. Dominicana
2IMGlud Jakob VangDEN2448Dinamarca
1FMRyan JosephIRL2363Irlanda
8FMMartinez Gonzalez AlejandroESP2328España
3FMGonzalez Arribas Vidal AlejandESP2293España
10FMGaliana Juan RamonESP2252España
4Massanet Massanet SebastianESP2208España
5Schenk Papke AndresESP2136España
9Cortes EduardoMEX2106Mexico
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