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Club Intchess Singapore Rapid Open Chess Tournament 2012

Last update 01.10.2012 06:35:57, Creator/Last Upload: muñiz pardiño, alberto

Starting rank

1Reyes Leonard RaymondPHI1928
2Polistico LouieSGP1772
3Rumusud Ramil IanPHI1763
4Lalas EricPHI1546
5Angeles RichardPHI1507
6Ricafort DantePHI1499
7Ricnesh RavindSGP1458
8Recososa NapoleonPHI1366
9Yeoh MichaelSGP1117
10Hurst BenjaminSGP0
11King Prajitno John IrfanSGP0
12Lim WarrenSGP0
13Wagish RaiSGP0
14Yuwing BobbySGP0
15Zubiri ASGP0