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DYTM Raja Nazrin Shah International Open Chess Championship 2012

Last update 23.09.2012 12:41:29, Creator: malaysian chess federation,Last Upload: peter long

Player info

NameSean Winshand Cuhendi
Starting rank30
Rating national0
Rating international2148
Performance rating2305
FIDE rtg +/-0,0
Year of birth 1997


13071Barretto Franz0PHI5,0w 1
2910IMVishnu Prasanna. V2484IND6,0w 1
3820FMDe Ramos Julius2361PHI6,0s 0
496IMNguyen Duc Hoa2505VIE6,5w 1
5611GMVakhidov Tahir2477UZB5,5s ½
61114IMDableo Ronald2430PHI6,0w ½
71122WGMPadmini Rout2328IND6,0s 0
81523GMWong Meng Kong2323SGP5,0s ½
91750FMRam Aravind L N1919IND4,5w 1
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