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Men Moscow Chmp. 2012 Blitz

Last update 03.09.2012 21:33:56, Creator/Last Upload: moscow chess federation

Starting rank list of players

18GMMorozevich AlexanderRUS2781
15GMChadaev NikolaiRUS2705
9GMDreev AlekseyRUS2705
19GMMalakhov VladimirRUS2700
11GMGrachev BorisRUS2695
17GMNepomniachtchi IanRUS2666
10GMBareev EvgenyRUS2663
12GMPopov IvanRUS2661
13GMDubov DaniilRUS2589
6GMKorotylev AlexeyRUS2573
3GMSmagin SergeyRUS2551
20GMGrigoriants SergeyRUS2549
21IMBelous VladimirRUS2542
14IMDvalishvili Pavel SRUS2537
1GMDlugy MaximUSA2519
4IMReshetnikov AlexeyRUS2503
8FMSeliverstov VladimirRUS2494
22GMZlochevskij AlexanderITA2489
2GMKhruschiov AlexeyMDA2441
5GMRychagov AndreyRUS2424
16GMGlek IgorGER2420
7FMKalinichev AndreyEST2414