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Last update 03.09.2012 02:59:46, Creator/Last Upload: david cabrera

Final Ranking after 8 Rounds

Rk.SNoNameFEDRtgClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
13Garrido Fernandez JavierAL2014Club Ajedrez Roquetas7,032,040,032,0
22Puertas Martin SavinsAL2119Club Ajedrez Frigan Vicar6,532,540,530,0
34Vazquez Tello IvanAL1985Club Ajedrez Vicar6,532,539,532,0
45Martinez Magan Jose ManuelAL1961Club Ajedrez Roquetas5,030,538,527,0
59Cabrera Rodriguez Jose DavidAL1648Club Ajedrez Vicar5,030,536,523,0
66Fernandez Rodriguez RamonAL1906Club Ajedrez El Ejido5,030,037,025,0
711Wang Qiu JorgeAL1575Club Deportivo Ajedrez Circulo5,029,037,022,0
812Cabrera Valverde CristinaAL1546Club Ajedrez Roquetas5,028,534,523,0
915Moreno Lopez AvelinoAL1443Club Ajedrez Vicar5,028,530,524,0
1010Gazquez Corral AlbaAL16045,025,030,021,0
1120Ucles Sanchez JoseAL1207Club Ajedrez Abdera4,524,528,517,0
127Ucles Lirola MoisesAL1846Club Ajedrez Vicar4,034,039,023,0
131Guzman San Jaume Jose LuisAL2290Club De Ajedrez Benahadux4,031,038,025,0
1413Fernandez Gallardo JuanAL1534Club Ajedrez Abdera4,027,534,020,0
1517Ucles Lirola AngelaAL1331Club Ajedrez Abdera4,027,033,014,0
1618Escudero Martin RobertoAL1326Club Ajedrez Vicar4,027,032,016,0
1714Fernandez Gonzalez IgnacioAL1478Club Ajedrez Vicar4,027,031,021,0
1826Llena Velarde DavidAL004,026,531,517,0
198Barranco Del Pino AntonioAL1782Club Ajedrez Roquetas4,025,030,018,0
2022Clemente Chen AlfredoAL1158Club Ajedrez Vicar4,022,026,015,0
2128Portero Bravo AitanaAL0Club Ajedrez Circulo Mercantil3,522,527,513,5
2219Cabrera Valverde Jose DavidAL1302Club Ajedrez Vicar3,028,535,515,0
2321Wang Qiu LauraAL1177Club Deportivo Ajedrez Circulo3,027,031,514,5
2416Gomez Cortes JustoAL1402Club De Ajedrez Benahadux3,026,032,016,0
2527Montes Lopez JordiAL0Adra3,024,528,512,0
2623Parra Jimenez AntonioAL1127Club Deportivo Ajedrez Circulo3,024,030,011,0
2724Fenoy Parrilla RafaelAL0Almeria3,023,526,510,0
2829Ruiz Rivera Miguel AngelAL0Adra3,022,024,011,0
2925Fernandez Reyes LorenzoAL0Adra2,024,528,57,0
3030Vargas Rodriguez AlvaroAL0Adra1,024,529,57,0
3131Vargas Rodriguez MariaAL0Adra1,024,030,08,0

Tie Break1: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break2: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break3: Fide Tie-Break

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