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''VIII Baltic school chess festival- 2012'' Blitz tournament

Last update 30.08.2012 20:22:11, Creator/Last Upload: savieniba

Final Ranking crosstable after 11 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.Rd9.Rd10.Rd11.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1FMMeskovs Nikita2347LAT 85w1 13b1 32w1 3b1 2w1 5b1 4w0 7b1 12w1 11w1 6b09,068,5817,02463
2NMBernotas Arturs2292LAT 48w1 43b1 14w1 4w1 1b0 19b1 5w1 11w1 15b1 3b0 7w19,067,0799,52458
3NMMustaps Matiss2266LAT 77b1 27w1 24b1 1w0 34b1 15w1 8b1 4w0 20b1 2w1 10b19,064,5783,52425
4IMBerzinsh Roland2392LAT 33w1 56b1 20w1 2b0 32w1 10w1 1b1 3b1 5w½ 7b0 16w18,566,5804,52384
5FMBagi Mate2328HUN 81w1 37b1 31w1 19b1 12w1 1w0 2b0 21w1 4b½ 10w½ 15b18,064,0790,02301
6FMLavendelis Egons2340LAT 54b1 25w1 15b0 11w1 21b0 47w1 13w1 17b0 43w1 31b1 1w18,058,0763,52180
7FMKantans Toms2380LAT 59b- 75b1 60w1 14b1 40w½ 21w1 10b1 1w0 8b1 4w1 2b07,562,0757,52301
8FMAnnenkov Kirill2256RUS 45w1 14b0 33w1 36b1 31w1 13b½ 3w0 42b1 7w0 41b1 22w17,557,5765,52092
9IHanzatjan Elvira1768EST 79b1 21w1 11b0 16w0 58b1 32b0 55w1 26w1 40b½ 25w1 20b17,554,5719,02152
10NMKlimakovs Sergejs2234LAT 23w1 61b1 36w1 12b½ 42w1 4b0 7w0 22b1 17w1 5b½ 3w07,063,0760,02208
11NMKarklins Imants2250LAT 35b1 18w½ 9w1 6b0 60w1 42b1 40w1 2b0 13w1 1b0 14w½7,062,5759,52093
12NMPutka Verner2321LAT 22b1 26w1 34b1 10w½ 5b0 18w1 20b½ 24w1 1b0 15w0 21b17,061,5777,52218
13MKMelderis Uldis1973LAT 44b1 1w0 35b1 30w1 16b1 8w½ 6b0 28w1 11b0 18w½ 32w17,061,5747,52161
14MKShashnev Pavel1880RUS 29b1 8w1 2b0 7w0 35b0 80w1 30b1 19b1 37w1 20w½ 11b½7,061,0734,52190
15MKStepins Edgars2099LAT 51w1 41b1 6w1 42b0 43w1 3b0 31w1 33b1 2w0 12b1 5w07,060,5778,52146
16NMDaudzvardis Janis2185LAT 64w1 36b0 59w1 9b1 13w0 41b0 81w1 39b1 27w1 17b1 4b07,055,0698,01970
17MKTokranovs Dmitrijs2060LAT 46b1 84w0 22b0 80w1 30b1 57w1 38b1 6w1 10b0 16w0 35b17,054,0684,02076
18MKShumskis Aleksandrs1879LAT 74w1 11b½ 42w0 67b1 23w1 12b0 48w1 40b1 31w0 13b½ 34w17,053,5727,02113
19MKAgafonov Yuri2217LAT 80b1 70w1 84b1 5w0 56b1 2w0 24b0 14w0 53b1 54w1 31b17,051,0709,02052
20MKGrimm Daniel2171HUN 66b1 62w1 4b0 47w1 22b½ 44w1 12w½ 27b1 3w0 14b½ 9w06,559,0735,02072
21MKPavlucenko Aleksejs2079LAT 50w1 9b0 81w1 57b1 6w1 7b0 41w1 5b0 33w1 32b½ 12w06,558,5739,52046
22MKLaizans Aivars2116LAT 12w0 78b1 17w1 37b1 20w½ 40b0 25b1 10w0 47b1 24w1 8b06,557,5731,02135
23IBirgelis Janis1953LAT 10b0 82w1 27b1 24w½ 18b0 26w0 66b1 56w1 28b0 46w1 62b16,553,0674,01987
24MKStarcevs Dmitrijs2052LAT 75w1 59b1 3w0 23b½ 53w½ 69b1 19w1 12b0 41w½ 22b0 33w16,552,0705,02020
25IPuzko Danila1965RUS 69w1 6b0 48w½ 58w1 44b0 52b1 22w0 38b1 42w1 9b0 45w16,552,0686,01996
26MKPetrovskis Olegs1906LAT 78w1 12b0 45w0 64b1 33w0 23b1 50w1 9b0 51w1 44b½ 41w16,552,0678,51965
27IGercans Visvaldis1882LAT 76w1 3b0 23w0 50b1 81w1 55b1 32w1 20w0 16b0 45b½ 44w16,551,5696,52022
28IStabulnieks Klavs1773LAT 55w1 32b0 38w1 40b0 52w½ 60b1 53w1 13b0 23w1 34b0 50w16,550,5688,51985
29IMitjushin Mihail1850RUS 14w0 45b0 51w1 59b1 41w0 39b0 64w1 81b1 57w1 43b½ 42w16,548,0666,01862
30IMukovoz Dino1699LTU 87w1 31b0 55w1 13b0 17w0 82b1 14w0 50b½ 73w1 67b1 43w16,547,5672,01958
31IGogin Maksim1997RUS 49b1 30w1 5b0 84w1 8b0 35w1 15b0 54w1 18b1 6w0 19w06,059,0706,52030
32WFMKabai Zsuzsanna2097HUN 65b1 28w1 1b0 70w1 4b0 9w1 27b0 47w½ 46b1 21w½ 13b06,058,5727,02003
33IEigminas Kipras1627LTU 4b0 72w1 8b0 49w1 26b1 34w1 56b1 15w0 21b0 40w1 24b06,055,5729,02090
34WIMPolyakova Natalia2066RUS 67w1 57b1 12w0 45b1 3w0 33b0 51w1 41b0 72w1 28w1 18b06,052,5697,51948
35MKKovsuns Nikolajs1975LAT 11w0 74b1 13w0 71b1 14w1 31b0 39w0 55b1 69w1 37b1 17w06,052,0704,51960
36IHanzatjan Anaid1828EST 52b1 16w1 10b0 8w0 46b0 49w1 54b0 80w1 44b0 72w1 53b16,049,0685,51969
37ISokols Svjatoslavs1932LAT 88b1 5w0 49b1 22w0 77b1 46w½ 44b½ 71w1 14b0 35w0 52b16,048,5671,01973
38IZhukov Sergey1850RUS 70b0 80w1 28b0 61w1 62b1 43b1 17w0 25w0 54b0 65w1 59b16,047,0643,01865
39IPomahs Ziedonis1799LAT 63b0 49w0 72b1 46w0 78b1 29w1 35b1 16w0 52b0 58w1 54b16,047,0634,01896
40MKGrimm Gyorgy2067HUN 53b½ 63w1 47b½ 28w1 7b½ 22w1 11b0 18w0 9w½ 33b0 51w½5,556,5705,01933
41IGogin Artem1813RUS 58b1 15w0 63b0 65w1 29b1 16w1 21b0 34w1 24b½ 8w0 26b05,556,0693,02005
42IVaitkevicius Paulius1694LTU 86b½ 73w1 18b1 15w1 10b0 11w0 46b1 8w0 25b0 52w1 29b05,555,5703,51985
43MKRahunoks Arturs1899LAT 89b1 2w0 52b1 63w1 15b0 38w0 57b1 44w1 6b0 29w½ 30b05,554,5674,01933
44IKarassev Vladislav1850EST 13w0 85b½ 83w1 48b1 25w1 20b0 37w½ 43b0 36w1 26w½ 27b05,552,5676,51908
45IVoronko Valerijs1978LAT 8b0 29w1 26b1 34w0 47b0 61w1 70b½ 52w½ 71b1 27w½ 25b05,551,5675,01913
46IBoiko Sergejs1850LAT 17w0 71b0 74w1 39b1 36w1 37b½ 42w0 48b1 32w0 23b0 66b15,550,0661,01909
47ISmoliar Roman1865EST 73b½ 53w1 40w½ 20b0 45w1 6b0 69w1 32b½ 22w0 50b0 67w15,549,0695,02007
48MKKalinicenko Igors2100LAT 2b0 89w1 25b½ 44w0 73b1 66w1 18b0 46w0 56b1 53w½ 49b½5,548,0658,01924
49IGerasimov Nikita1850LTU 31w0 39b1 37w0 33b0 59w1 36b0 61b0 79w1 84b+ 57b1 48w½5,548,0633,51795
50IKovalevskis Artjoms1887LAT 21b0 79w1 70b0 27w0 87b1 84w1 26b0 30w½ 66b1 47w1 28b05,548,0628,51844
51IPetrovs Jaroslavs1912LAT 15b0 58w0 29b0 86w1 74b1 62w1 34b0 61w1 26b0 71w1 40b½5,547,0646,01893
52ISmirnov Aleksandr1850RUS 36w0 64b1 43w0 68b1 28b½ 25w0 85w1 45b½ 39w1 42b0 37w05,050,5643,51803
53IGrapmanis Edgars1872LAT 40w½ 47b0 68w1 85b1 24b½ 56w½ 28b0 70w1 19w0 48b½ 36w05,049,0654,51884
54ISemjonovs Ilja1526LAT 6w0 69b0 88w1 55b0 72w1 58b1 36w1 31b0 38w1 19b0 39w05,049,0650,51896
55IKolasa Pjotrs1819LAT 28b0 65w1 30b0 54w1 84b1 27w0 9b0 35w0 77b1 62w0 72b15,049,0620,51776
56MKAlexeev Roman1976RUS 72w1 4w0 77b1 69b1 19w0 53b½ 33w0 23b0 48w0 60b½ 78b15,047,0649,51909
57IGolubeva Marija1762LAT 83b1 34w0 87b1 21w0 63b1 17b0 43w0 65w1 29b0 49w0 76b15,047,0615,51861
58IZhuravleva Irina1850RUS 41w0 51b1 61w1 25b0 9w0 54w0 80b0 64b1 81w1 39b0 75w15,046,0635,01765
59IAgafontseva Sofia1618RUS 7w+ 24w0 16b0 29w0 49b0 76b0 89w1 82b1 63w1 69b1 38w05,045,0631,01829
60IJaickis Vladislavs1683LAT 86w1 7b0 66w1 11b0 28w0 71b0 73w0 68b1 56w½ 74b15,044,5572,51901
61IDjogteva Jekaterina1828LAT 82w1 10w0 58b0 38b0 67w1 45b0 49w1 51b0 80w½ 75b½ 69w15,043,0639,01875
62MKBoikova Elizaveta1803RUS 68w1 20b0 69w0 82b1 38w0 51b0 72w0 74b1 76w1 55b1 23w05,043,0613,51855
63ILuscenkovs Artjoms1822LAT 39w1 40b0 41w1 43b0 57w0 81b0 67w½ 85b½ 59b0 83w1 70b15,041,5634,51730
64IPutans Romans1940LAT 16b0 52w0 89b1 26w0 76b1 70w0 29b0 58w0 79b1 82w1 71b15,041,5611,01835
65IAntonivs Vladislavs1890LAT 32w0 55b0 76w1 41b0 71w0 78b1 79w1 57b0 85w1 38b0 73w15,040,5621,51786
66IGrivnieks Alberts1933LAT 20w0 68b½ 71w1 60b0 85w1 48b0 23w0 75b1 50w0 80b1 46w04,544,0621,51809
67IJablonskaja Anastasija1853LAT 34b0 83w½ 86b1 18w0 61b0 73w½ 63b½ 68w1 70b1 30w0 47b04,544,0588,51769
68IGrivnieks Dzintars1848LAT 62b0 66w½ 53b0 52w0 86b1 85b0 83w1 67b0 60w0 88w1 80b14,536,5569,51741
69IKoziuberda Andrei1850RUS 25b0 54w1 62b1 56w0 70b1 24w0 47b0 77w1 35b0 59w0 61b04,046,5639,51755
70Danilova Tatiana1819RUS 38w1 19b0 50w1 32b0 69w0 64b1 45w½ 53b0 67w0 73b½ 63w04,046,5633,51827
71IMargolins Konstantins1757LAT 84b0 46w1 66b0 35w0 65b1 77w1 60w1 37b0 45w0 51b0 64w04,046,5600,51794
72IIvanov Igor.1850RUS 56b0 33b0 39w0 89w1 54b0 87w1 62b1 84w1 34b0 36b0 55w04,044,5619,01699
73IPabo Sander1850EST 47w½ 42b0 85w0 83b1 48w0 67b½ 75w½ 60b1 30b0 70w½ 65b04,042,5594,51696
74INitsiportsik Maksim1850EST 18b0 35w0 46b0 -1 51w0 75b0 88b1 62w0 87b1 77w1 60w04,040,5536,51707
75IDmitriev Ivan1850RUS 24b0 7w0 82b0 78w0 89b1 74w1 73b½ 66w0 83b1 61w½ 58b04,038,5593,01811
76IMarin Maksim1850RUS 27b0 77w0 65b0 88b1 64w0 59w1 84b0 87w1 62b0 81b1 57w04,038,5568,51692
77IMorozli Grigorijs2003LAT 3w0 76b1 56w0 79b1 37w0 71b0 82w1 69b0 55w0 74b0 85w14,038,0623,01765
78ILipkins Marks1850LAT 26b0 22w0 80b0 75b1 39w0 65w0 87b0 -1 86w1 85b1 56w04,038,0554,01707
79IZnotens Nikita1815LAT 9w0 50b0 -1 77w0 80b0 88w1 65b0 49b0 64w0 86b1 87w14,036,5525,01714
80IJevstefejevs Andrejs1942LAT 19w0 38b0 78w1 17b0 79w1 14b0 58w1 36b0 61b½ 66w0 68w03,548,5624,01772
81ISemjonovs Vsevolods1473LAT 5b0 88w1 21b0 87w1 27b0 63w1 16b0 29w0 58b0 76w0 82b½3,545,5631,51803
82IRazmyslov Aleksei1850RUS 61b0 23b0 75w1 62w0 83b1 30w0 77b0 59w0 -1 64b0 81w½3,541,0530,01599
83IBurke-Burkevics Viktors1750LAT 57w0 67b½ 44b0 73w0 82w0 86b1 68b0 88w1 75w0 63b0 89w13,534,5549,01697
84IVardanyan Aras1763LTU 71w1 17b1 19w0 31b0 55w0 50b0 76w1 72b0 49w- -0 -03,045,0530,51843
85IZvans Maris1577LAT 1b0 44w½ 73b1 53w0 66b0 68w1 52b0 63w½ 65b0 78w0 77b03,042,5610,51745
86IIBogdanov Alexei1750RUS 42w½ 60b0 67w0 51b0 68w0 83w0 -1 89b1 78b0 79w0 88b½3,034,5498,51571
87IIAbidovs Timerlans1750LAT 30b0 -1 57w0 81b0 50w0 72b0 78w1 76b0 74w0 89b½ 79b02,537,0521,01493
88ILepjohina Valerija1850LAT 37w0 81b0 54b0 76w0 -1 79b0 74w0 83b0 89w1 68b0 86w½2,533,0497,01468
89IMakijevskij Nikolai1850LAT 43w0 48b0 64w0 72b0 75w0 -1 59b0 86w0 88b0 87w½ 83b01,533,5505,51366

Tie Break1: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break2: Sum of Buchholz-Tie-Breaks (all Results)
Tie Break3: Performance (variable with parameter)

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