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1st Asean International Youth 2012 - Open U17

Last update 12.08.2012 07:28:30, Creator/Last Upload: muñiz pardiño, alberto

Starting rank

1Liu XiangyiCHN2085
2Iskandar Bin AbdullahSGP1985
3Ayush JugeleIND1968
4Yong Han ShawnSGP1895
5Liew Ken YewMAS1841
6Lau Matthew EndeSGP1719
7Yung CameronAUS1688
8Ling Jin Sheng TimothySGP1601
9Arani AkashSGP0
10Bin Xin Jun JarrelSGP0
11De Jesus Normel BenignoPHI0
12Kow JonathanSGP0
13Li PeizeCHN0
14Mohammad Agus KurniawanINA0