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XV Obert d'Estiu La Lira 2012 - Grup A

Last update 30.07.2012 00:36:17, Creator/Last Upload: frederic corriguelas armillas

Starting rank list of players

4Xanco Compains Joan22770182238Comtal
7Herms Agullo Jordi22138342220Granollers
1Delisau Gil Oriol222377472168Sant Andreu
2Garcia I Riera Josep22764882166La Lira
5Rodriguez Rebull German22086012165Ateneu Barcelonés
6Guix Torres David22887372121Les Franqueses
8Catarineu Navines Federico22293822075Ideal Clavé
3Colom Andres Xavier22199562068Barcelona - UGA
9Lopez Coromines Albert320543432032Granollers
10De La Fuente Clemente Constant22612001998Ripollet