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2012 National Open Chess Championships - Battle of Grandmasters Men's Division

Last update 25.07.2012 11:09:12, Creator/Last Upload: philippines chess federation

Starting rank list of players

12GMBARBOSA Oliver5201640PHI25542554
2GMANTONIO Rogelio Jr5200032PHI25482548
10GMGOMEZ John Paul5201381PHI25392539
1GMSADORRA Julio Catalino5201268PHI25252525
5GMPARAGUA Mark5201241PHI25082508
3GMBARCENILLA Rogelio5200059PHI25012501
6GMLAYLO Darwin5201330PHI24892489
7GMSALVADOR Roland5201047PHI24842484
16GMTORRE Eugenio5200016PHI24692469
8GMBITOON Richard5201110PHI24422442
13IMDIMAKILING Oliver5202248PHI24152415
9FMNAVA Roderick5201730PHI23972397
15IMSENADOR Emmanuel5200601PHI23532353
11FMPASCUA Haridas5203953PHI23102310
4FMSEGARRA Randy5201616PHI22832283
14MEJIA Giovanni5209498PHI19321932