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7th MBSSKL Open Chess Tournament 2012 (UNDER-17 GIRLS)

Last update 07.07.2012 10:28:23, Creator/Last Upload: malaysian chess federation

Starting rank

1Rosamund Koo Wei Xin-GMAS1511
2Yap Ern Yee-GMAS1407
3Nursyahirah Mohd Salleh-GMAS1182
4Manesha Thiyagarajan-GMAS1130
5Charanpreet Kaur-GMAS1014
6Goh Xin Ro-GMAS0
7Indah Siti Shoufea Naharanuar-GMAS0
8Khor Seng Nee-GMAS0
9Lai Hor Shin-GMAS0
10Nursyahriah Mohd Salleh-GMAS0
11Nurul Ezzati Sanusi-GMAS0
12Tee Wei Yu-GMAS0