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7th MBSSKL Open Chess Tournament 2012 (UNDER-14 GIRLS)

Last update 07.07.2012 10:24:27, Creator/Last Upload: malaysian chess federation

Starting rank

1Rosamund Koo Wei Xin-GMAS1511
2Melanie Koo Wei Wei-GMAS1483
3Chua Yee Ler-GMAS1474
4Chew Zhi Jing-GMAS1329
5Ho Chen Ee-GMAS1270
6Cheong Keat Zhen-GMAS1263
7Teo Boon Kee-GMAS1262
8Ellie Emira Syamimi Ahmad NazariMAS1171
9Lavinia Laurette-GMAS1083
10Stephanie Chuah Pik Shen-GMAS1071
11Tan Qian Hui-GMAS1065
12Choi E-Faye-GMAS0
13Darshika Thiyagarajan-GMAS0
14Kashvini S Mohan-GMAS0
15Stacey Teo Wing-Wing-GMAS0
16Teh Jamie-GMAS0