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Last update 12.07.2012 20:38:37, Creator/Last Upload: romanian chess federation (licence 12)

Starting rank

1IPopa GabrielROU1618Clubul De Sah Diana Galati
2IIIonita AngelROU1411Clubul De Sah Diana Galati
3IHandac Alexandru-RaduROU1573Cs Fc Callatis Mangalia
4IPanainte Andreea-BiancaROU1522Css Palatul Copiilor Constanta
5IIDragulin AdrianROU1515Cs Victoria Techirghiol
6IIBotocan Cristian-AlexandruROU1462Cs Fc Callatis Mangalia
7IPaiu AndreeaROU1458Clubul De Sah Diana Galati
8IIRadulescu Vlad-AndreiROU1375Clubul De Sah Diana Galati
9IICrisan AndreiROU1307Clubul De Sah Diana Galati
10IIICrisan GabrielROU1283Clubul De Sah Diana Galati
11IIErcsei Estera-AlexandraROU1276Cs Victoria Techirghiol
12IIILuca AndreiROU1219Acs Fianchetto Constanta
13IIICioroi Diana-RalucaROU1215Clubul De Sah Diana Galati
14Macovei MihaiROU1207Clubul De Sah Diana Galati
15Ionita Marius-MihaiROU1201Cs Fc Callatis Mangalia
16Stan AndreeaROU1201Clubul De Sah Diana Galati