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Last update 10.07.2012 05:14:26, Creator/Last Upload: vietnamchess

Final Ranking after 13 Rounds

Rk.SNoNameFEDPts. TB1  TB2  TB3  TB4 
11Nguyen Ngoc Truong SonKGI11,0106,51070,0
22Oliver Aquino BarbosaQDO11,0105,51170,0
37Nguyen Anh DungQNI9,5107,0770,0
413Pham ChuongHCM9,098,0870,0
53Dao Thien HaiHCM9,094,5870,0
64Nguyen Van HuyHNO9,093,0860,0
711Le Quang LongHCM8,5100,5660,0
816Nguyen Van HaiHNO8,599,5670,0
915Ly Hong NguyenHCM8,590,0870,0
1020Tu Hoang ThaiHCM8,589,5760,0
116Cao SangLDO8,0107,5660,5
8Tu Hoang ThongHCM8,0107,5660,5
135Nguyen Duc HoaCTH8,0102,5870,0
1421Tran Tuan MinhHNO8,0101,0760,0
1510Duong The AnhQDO8,096,5660,0
1618Nguyen Thien VietDAN8,093,5760,0
1732Bui Trong HaoQDO8,090,0760,0
1814Nguyen Hoang NamQDO8,087,5760,0
1917Vo Thanh NinhKGI8,086,5770,0
2029Tran Ngoc ThachQDO8,078,5870,0
219Hoang Canh HuanDAN7,5103,5760,0
2252Le Thanh TaiHCM7,5100,5770,0
2331Le Tuan MinhHNO7,599,5770,0
2425Pham Xuan DatHNO7,599,0761,0
2570Dang Duy LinhDAN7,599,0760,0
2637Nguyen Manh TruongBRV7,595,0670,0
2719Tran Manh TienQDO7,593,0770,0
2844Nguyen Duy TrungKGI7,580,0670,0
2946Nguyen Ha PhuongBGI7,096,0670,0
3027Pham Duc ThangKGI7,094,0670,0
3124Hoang Van NgocQDO7,090,0760,0
3233Tran Minh ThangHNO7,089,5570,0
3375Nguyen Giang SonQDO7,088,5770,0
3412Dinh Duc TrongDAN7,084,5760,0
3536Lu Chan HungKGI7,082,0760,0
3623Bao QuangDAN7,079,5670,0
3741Nguyen Huu Hoang AnhLDO7,067,5760,0
3822To Quoc KhanhQDO6,597,0660,0
3953Nguyen Anh KhoiHCM6,595,5570,0
4028Nguyen Van ThanhDAN6,595,0560,0
4161Truong Tan ThanhHCM6,587,0670,0
4242Nguyen Sy HungBRV6,584,5560,0
4362Nguyen Hoang DucQNI6,584,0660,0
4443Vuong Trung HieuQDO6,582,0670,0
4530Ton That Nhu TungHCM6,582,0660,0
4635Nguyen Minh TuanHCM6,576,5660,0
4763Nguyen Dang Hong PhucHCM6,087,0560,0
4849Nguyen Van Toan ThanhQDO6,084,5570,0
4948Vu Quang QuyenHCM6,082,5660,0
5038Doan Van DucQDO6,078,5660,0
5151Pham Quang HungQDO6,077,0660,0
5257Phan Ba Thanh CongDAN6,076,0661,0
5340Le Cong CuongQDO6,076,0660,0
5481Nguyen Cong TaiHCM6,060,5560,0
5526Tran Ngoc LanHNO5,591,5570,0
5634Nguyen Hoai NamHNO5,586,0570,0
5745Duong Thuong CongQDO5,585,0470,0
5856Nguyen Quang DucLDO5,579,0560,0
5950Phan Dinh Nhat KhanhLDO5,573,0560,0
6068Thai Minh HaiLDO5,571,0560,0
6147Doan Thien ThanhBRV5,570,5570,0
6277Tran Trong ThanhBGI5,569,0560,0
6379Nguyen Xuan VinhBRV5,568,0560,0
6460Le Quang TraHCM5,083,5460,0
6564Nguyen Thai DuongHCM5,082,5460,0
6659Ngo Quang NhatHCM5,079,5570,0
6771Luong Duy LocDAN5,078,0470,0
6854Nguyen Khuong DuyBRV5,072,5560,0
6967Le Dinh Nguyen AnhBRV5,070,5370,0
7074Nguyen Tuan MinhHCM5,065,5360,0
7172Dang Bao LongLDO5,064,0460,0
7278Vo Minh TrietHCM5,057,0460,0
7380Le Tran Thanh DatBDH5,054,5470,0
7439Vu Phi HungQNI4,578,5470,0
7555Tran Ngo Thien PhuHCM4,079,0260,0
7658Chuc Dinh TanBGI4,074,5360,0
7765Doan Nguyen Trung TinLDO3,059,5270,0
7869Tran Phan Anh KhoiHCM3,058,0260,0
7982Nguyen Phuoc Quy TuongTTH1,059,5060,0
8073Lai Duc MinhHCM0,080,0010,0
8166Thai Toan LamHCM0,079,5000,0
8276Truong Bao ThachHCM0,078,5000,0

Tie Break1: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break2: The greater number of victories
Tie Break3: Most black
Tie Break4: Direct Encounter (The results of the players in the same point group)