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World Junior Chess Championship 2012 Boys (Open) Under 20

Last update 30.09.2012 22:40:49, Creator: middlewave,Last Upload: heinz herzog

Player overview for por

84Vasques Antonio Pedro Freixial2214POR01½0½½011½0016,084Boys (Open)

Results of the last round for por

Rd.Bo.No. NameRtgPts. ResultPts. NameRtg No.
Vandevenne Sander20835 0 - 15 Vasques Antonio Pedro Freixial2214

Player details for por

Vasques Antonio Pedro Freixial 2214 POR Rp:2206 Pts. 6,0
119GMCori Jorge2487PER8,0s 0
2121Davis Ashley J1929WLS4,0w 1
347IMMazur Stefan2394SVK7,0s ½
438IMZhou Yang-Fan2430ENG7,0s 0
5119Poulopoulos Ioannis2007GRE4,5w ½
669IMBrown Andrew2296AUS6,5w ½
7106Caetano Hugo Zanotti Mendonca2109BRA4,5s 0
8125Hatzoudis Gerasimos1843GRE2,5w 1
955FMJacko Vladimir2349SVK6,5s 1
1059FMGrandadam Nicolas2333SUI6,0w ½
1152FMGriffiths Ryan Rhys2362IRL7,0s 0
1239IMValsecchi Alessio2427ITA7,0w 0
13109Vandevenne Sander2083BEL5,0s 1
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