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World Junior Chess Championship 2012 Boys (Open) Under 20

Last update 30.09.2012 22:40:49, Creator: middlewave,Last Upload: heinz herzog

Player overview for den

28IMAndersen Mads2464DEN0½11½10110½118,515Boys (Open)

Results of the last round for den

Rd.Bo.No.NameRtgPts. ResultPts. NameRtgNo.
131218IMOparin Grigoriy2488 0 - 1 IMAndersen Mads246428

Player details for den

IM Andersen Mads 2464 DEN Rp:2426 Pts. 8,5
193Ladva Ottomar2153EST7,0s 0
294Ashiku Franc2152ALB5,5w ½
3100Jones William E G2127ENG4,5s 1
475Minko Vladimir2257RUS6,5w 1
561FMKleinman Michael2330CAN6,0s ½
683Stathopoulos Ioannis2216GRE5,5w 1
73GMZherebukh Yaroslav2629UKR9,0s 0
865FMCodenotti Marco2314ITA7,0w 1
911IMYilmaz Mustafa2543TUR8,0s 1
1013IMGrigoryan Karen H2529ARM7,0w 0
1180FMAravindh Chithambaram Vr2240IND6,5s ½
1299Lapidus Mark2129EST7,5w 1
1318IMOparin Grigoriy2488RUS7,5s 1
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