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World Junior Chess Championship 2012 Boys (Open) Under 20

Last update 30.09.2012 22:40:49, Creator: middlewave,Last Upload: Heinz Herzog

Player overview for aut

34FMSchreiner Peter2444AUT101½111½½0½½½821Boys (Open)

Results of the last round for aut

Rd.Bo.No.NameRtgPts. ResultPts. NameRtgNo.
13934FMSchreiner Peter2444 ½ - ½ GMSalem A R Saleh254610

Player details for aut

FM Schreiner Peter 2444 AUT Rp:2471 Pts. 8
199Lapidus Mark2129EST7,5s 1
2111CMMuhammad Luthfi Ali2078INA5w 0
378Larmuseau Maarten2245BEL6s 1
4112Nishant Malhotra2076IND5,5w ½
566FMThavandiran Shiyam2301CAN6s 1
661FMKleinman Michael2330CAN6w 1
718IMOparin Grigoriy2488RUS7,5w 1
87GMTer-Sahakyan Samvel2567ARM9s ½
91GMDing Liren2695CHN9,5w ½
109GMGrandelius Nils2562SWE9,5s 0
1117IMHeimann Andreas2493GER8w ½
1220IMKanarek Marcel2487POL8s ½
1310GMSalem A R Saleh2546UAE8w ½