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2012 "Yicheng cup"Chinese Chess League Division A(Games-download)

Last update 24.12.2012 10:56:17, Creator/Last Upload: chinesechessassociation

Starting rank

No. NameRtgFEDTeamBo.
1GMIvanchuk Vassily2766UKRHebei Sports Lottery Team11
2GMJakovenko Dmitry2741RUSChengdu Bank Team11
3GMWang Hao2733CHNChengdu Bank Team1
4GMVolokitin Andrei2716UKRGuangdong Huateng Club Team9
5GMBologan Viktor2712MDAChengdu Bank Team9
6GMJobava Baadur2711GEOQingdao School Team12
7GMRiazantsev Alexander2710RUSWuxi Huafang Construction Team7
8GMMalakhov Vladimir2709RUSTianjin "Qin Huangdao" Team10
9GMSasikiran Krishnan2707INDWuxi Huafang Construction Team11
10GMLi Chao B2703CHNBeijing AIGO Team4
11GMVitiugov Nikita2699RUSHebei Sports Lottery Team9
12GMLe Quang Liem2698VIEQingdao School Team8
13GMInarkiev Ernesto2693RUSWuxi Huafang Construction Team14
14GMHarikrishna P2690INDChengdu Bank Team10
15GMEljanov Pavel2684UKRShanghai Jianqiao Academy Team8
16GMZhigalko Sergei2682BLRZhejiang Yinzhou Team9
17GMMotylev Alexander2677RUSChongqing Team6
18GMBalogh Csaba2668HUNWuxi Huafang Construction Team13
19GMBu Xiangzhi2668CHNShandong Gree Team1
20GMAkopian Vladimir2667ARMTianjin "Qin Huangdao" Team13
21GMNajer Evgeniy2664RUSChongqing Team8
22GMDing Liren2660CHNZhejiang Yinzhou Team2
23GMZvjaginsev Vadim2659RUSChengdu Bank Team8
24GMNegi Parimarjan2658INDZhejiang Yinzhou Team8
25GMNguyen Ngoc Truong Son2656VIEQingdao School Team10
26GMHou Yifan2639CHNJiangsu Taizhou Team4
27GMNi Hua2637CHNShanghai Jianqiao Academy Team2
28GMZhou Weiqi2628CHNJiangsu Taizhou Team1
29GMZhou Jianchao2625CHNShanghai Jianqiao Academy Team1
30GMAndriasyan Zaven2618ARMTianjin "Qin Huangdao" Team7
31GMYu Yangyi2615CHNBeijing AIGO Team2
32GMZhang Pengxiang2591CHNHebei Sports Lottery Team1
33GMMuzychuk Anna2586SLOShanghai Jianqiao Academy Team9
34GMZhao Jun2583CHNShandong Gree Team2
35WGMJu Wenjun2557CHNShanghai Jianqiao Academy Team5
36GMLi Shilong2549CHNGuangdong Huateng Club Team1
37GMWen Yang2549CHNShandong Gree Team3
38GMZhao Zong-Yuan2549AUSHebei Sports Lottery Team10
39GMZhao Zong-Yuan2549AUSJiangsu Taizhou Team8
40GMLahno Kateryna2546UKRWuxi Huafang Construction Team8
41GMZhao Xue2543CHNBeijing AIGO Team5
42GMLu Shanglei2514CHNZhejiang Yinzhou Team3
43WGMGunina Valentina2511RUSChengdu Bank Team6
44Yu Ruiyuan2511CHNJiangsu Taizhou Team2
45GMHarika Dronavalli2508INDChengdu Bank Team7
46GMYu Shaoteng2507CHNGuangdong Huateng Club Team3
47WGMKhotenashvili Bela2500GEOWuxi Huafang Construction Team9
48GMXiu Deshun2492CHNBeijing AIGO Team1
49GMZhu Chen2491QATShandong Gree Team10
50IMWang Chen2490CHNChongqing Team2
51GMDanielyan Elina2486ARMTianjin "Qin Huangdao" Team8
52Ma Qun2481CHNTianjin "Qin Huangdao" Team4
53IMKrush Irina2471USAShandong Gree Team9
54WGMGirya Olga2467RUSZhejiang Yinzhou Team10
55GMHoang Thanh Trang2464HUNWuxi Huafang Construction Team12
56IMLiu Qingnan2461CHNTianjin "Qin Huangdao" Team2
57IMJavakhishvili Lela2458GEOWuxi Huafang Construction Team10
58IMMkrtchian Lilit2457ARMHebei Sports Lottery Team8
59WGMMunguntuul Batkhuyag2451MGLGuangdong Huateng Club Team8
60GMWu Shaobin2450SGPJiangsu Taizhou Team9
61Lin Chen2446CHNWuxi Huafang Construction Team2
62Wan Yunguo2441CHNHebei Sports Lottery Team2
63WGMShen Yang2440CHNJiangsu Taizhou Team7
64WGMTan Zhongyi2438CHNChongqing Team3
65IMZeng Chongsheng2435CHNGuangdong Huateng Club Team2
66WGMPham Le Thao Nguyen2425VIEQingdao School Team11
67IMLou Yiping2419CHNShanghai Jianqiao Academy Team4
68IMGao Rui2417CHNChongqing Team1
69IMYu Lie2417CHNZhejiang Yinzhou Team1
70IMWang Yaoyao2414CHNChongqing Team7
71GMWang Rui2407CHNHebei Sports Lottery Team4
72IMWang Li2400CHNWuxi Huafang Construction Team1
73WGMHuang Qian2399CHNChongqing Team4
74Li Haoyu2389CHNTianjin "Qin Huangdao" Team1
75FMChen Fan2375CHNChengdu Bank Team2
76IMWang Yu A.2372CHNBeijing AIGO Team7
77FMWei Yi2371CHNJiangsu Taizhou Team3
78Ma Zhonghan2369CHNQingdao School Team2
79WGMSukandar Irine Kharisma2366INATianjin "Qin Huangdao" Team12
80Wang Jue2366CHNBeijing AIGO Team6
81IMYang Kaiqi2360CHNHebei Sports Lottery Team3
82WGMHoang Thi Bao Tram2356VIEQingdao School Team9
83WGMZhang Xiaowen2354CHNShanghai Jianqiao Academy Team7
84WGMGuo Qi2351CHNJiangsu Taizhou Team5
85WGMDing Yixin2350CHNZhejiang Yinzhou Team5
86WGMNing Chunhong2328CHNTianjin "Qin Huangdao" Team9
87WIMGong Qianyun2302CHNQingdao School Team4
88Mu Ke2286CHNQingdao School Team1
89Liu Chang2262CHNGuangdong Huateng Club Team4
90WFMZhai Mo2262CHNHebei Sports Lottery Team5
91Liu Guanchu2260CHNChengdu Bank Team3
92WGMGu Xiaobing2257CHNWuxi Huafang Construction Team4
93WGMZhang Jilin2257CHNShandong Gree Team5
94WGMNebolsina Vera2256RUSShandong Gree Team8
95Bai Jinshi2231CHNBeijing AIGO Team3
96Chen Peng2224CHNShandong Gree Team4
97Du Shaolong2216CHNTianjin "Qin Huangdao" Team3
98WFMSu Yamin2209CHNQingdao School Team5
99WIMWang Xiaohui2209CHNZhejiang Yinzhou Team6
100WIMKuang Yinghui2205CHNGuangdong Huateng Club Team6
101Ren Xiaoyi2202CHNChengdu Bank Team4
102Lan Zilun2189CHNZhejiang Yinzhou Team4
103Wang Doudou2186CHNHebei Sports Lottery Team7
104Zhang Hong2169CHNShanghai Jianqiao Academy Team3
105Ni Shiqun2157CHNShanghai Jianqiao Academy Team6
106Lei Tingjie2154CHNChongqing Team5
107Sun Fanghui2136CHNShandong Gree Team6
108Wang Tongsen2112CHNQingdao School Team3
109Liu Manli (chn)2105CHNGuangdong Huateng Club Team7
110Li Xueyi2076CHNGuangdong Huateng Club Team5
111Nie Xin2053CHNChengdu Bank Team5
112Sun Xinyue2028CHNShandong Gree Team7
113Fang Yuxiang2006CHNWuxi Huafang Construction Team3
114Qin Ranran1998CHNTianjin "Qin Huangdao" Team5
115Qiu Mengjie1968CHNZhejiang Yinzhou Team7
116Yuan Ye1942CHNJiangsu Taizhou Team6
117Wu Mengxian1841CHNWuxi Huafang Construction Team5
118Gao Hanxue0CHNQingdao School Team7
119Guo Weibao0CHNHebei Sports Lottery Team6
120Wang Na0CHNTianjin "Qin Huangdao" Team6
121Yu Chaojie0CHNQingdao School Team6
122Zhu Yilun0CHNWuxi Huafang Construction Team6
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