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LAKECITY Under-7 Open Chess Tournament 2023 at St. Anthony's School Sec4 Udaipur By CHESS IN LAKECITY -9413045606,9461389344,7728822331,9057059363

Last update 23.03.2023 09:04:27, Creator/Last Upload: CHESS IN LAKECITY

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Starting rank

1Aarshabh Parashar,1855822023IND0
2Ananya Agarwal,1855352023IND0w
3Ayaansh choudhary,1858372023IND0
4Gatik mali,1858612023IND0
5Hiyana jain,1855762023IND0w
6Hiyansh jain,1855752023IND0
7kamakshi agarwal,1678712022IND0w
8Kunj Kalal,0IND0
9Maanvendra paneri,0IND0
10Purvansh jain,1857592023IND0
11Shrey jain,1858592023IND0
12Shreyan Gupta,1625412022IND0
13Sujyot Kale,0IND0
14Taksh Raj Jain,1855802023IND0
15Veera Kage,0IND0w
16Vidhit, Kavdia137241202248717282IND0