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Sri Lanka Open Chess Championship 2012

Last update 05.06.2012 15:57:20, Creator/Last Upload: srilankachess

Player info

NameMaddakandage R D
Starting rank49
Rating national0
Rating international1576
Performance rating1616
FIDE rtg +/-5,4
Year of birth 1998


146157Mandith K D Ovindu0SRI3,0s 1
233Weerawardane R2087SRI8,5w 0
333134Jayatillke Omaya Tashi0SRI3,0s 1
433179Sanjaya W M Lanknath0SRI5,0w 1
51520Lansakara L M T I1866SRI7,0s 0
631168Perera S N M0SRI6,0w 1
71522Senanayaka P D1843SRI8,0s 0
83292Bandara S A R B0SRI5,5w 1
92772Kiriella K G Nimesha Shalinda1385SRI6,0s 1
101316WIMRanasinghe S D1878SRI6,5w ½
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