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State Level Children Chess Tournament Under 13 Girls

Last update 19.03.2023 12:26:27, Creator/Last Upload: UCF

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Starting rank

1Sanaa A G,25156055IND1051
2Aasini M,IND0
3Abarna K S,IND0
4Abiksha P,IND0
5Aindrilabeata S,IND0
6Akshaya S,IND0
7Amirtha Anjali P,IND0
8Anushka S,IND0
9Azra Fazeen A H,IND0
10Chitrarasu V,IND0
11Dharunekaa J,IND0
12Divyadharshini A M,IND0
13Gokulasri S,IND0
14Hanishka V,IND0
15Haritha K U,IND0
16Inisha R,IND0
17Jayadharshini S,IND0
18Jeevitha Sri V,IND0
19Keerthi S,IND0
20Madhuvanthi S,IND0
21Mirdulaa P,IND0
22Mokshidha J K,IND0
23Mukila M,IND0
24Nithiyasri N,IND0
25Pavithra B,IND0
26Sharutha N,IND0
27Shavisna C E,IND0
28Simmavahanini K,IND0
30Varasha S,IND0