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State Level Children Chess Tournament Under 13 Boys

Last update 19.03.2023 12:38:43, Creator/Last Upload: UCF

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Starting rank

1Rithish Senthilkumar,33468427IND1164
2Shachin Dhandalvar A,48737020IND1061
3Tharshaan B K,48731315IND1023
4Sriman V,407588IND1022
5Abhinav A,IND0
6Adithiya N,IND0
7Ajay Melvin A,IND0
8Amizhdhagan G,IND0
9Amuthan M,IND0
10Anantha Krishnan P,IND0
11Anver Raashith,IND0
13Arun Maran R,IND0
14Ashwanth B,IND0
15Chitrarasu V,IND0
16Devan V,IND0
17Dharsha Priyan S,IND0
18Dharun V,IND0
20Dhisandhan S,IND0
21Dhivya Darshan V,IND0
22Elamukilan R,IND0
23Gnanakeerthigan S G,IND0
24Gokulram K,IND0
25Haarish J,IND0
26Hari Prasath,IND0
27Hari Suthan S,IND0
28Harish S,IND0
29Hemanathan S,IND0
30Ilanthiraiyan S,IND0
31Jai Kishore,IND0
32Jan Hanno L J,IND0
33Jayabalan S,IND0
36Jothir Adithiyan K R,IND0
37Justin Joel S,IND0
39Kavin M,IND0
40Kavin Nilavan P,IND0
43Krishnaprasanth R,IND0
44Linga S,IND0
45Lokesh P,IND0
46Mahadesh B S,IND0
47Mahesh A,IND0
48MD Hasan M,IND0
49Midhun Raghav R A,IND0
50Mithran Senthilkumar,IND0
51Mothesh S,IND0
52Nagulan M,IND0
53Nihish P,IND0
54Nirmal R,IND0
55Nithish Kumar M,IND0
56Nithish V,IND0
57Praveenraj S,48734845IND0
58Ragul D,IND0
59Ragul T R,IND0
60Ragulbala S,IND0
61Raja Ganesh K M,IND0
62Rohith S,IND0
63Sabarinathan I,IND0
64Sanjay S,IND0
65Santhosh M,IND0
66Santhosh V,IND0
67Saran R,IND0
68Sarbeshwaran V,IND0
69Sarva N,IND0
70Sharron Senthilkumar,IND0
71Sharvesh S,IND0
72Shree hari B,IND0
73Shrimithran K,IND0
74Siddharath V B,IND0
75Sidharth M,48773565IND0
76Srivarshan B,IND0
77Suriya A D,IND0
78Tamilselvan V,IND0
79Thean Tamizhan P,IND0
80Thileebankumar S,IND0
81Umar S,IND0
82Vasanth B,IND0
83Vishnuvarthan P,IND0
84Yogamithran M S,IND0
85Yogeshwaran R,IND0