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State Level Children Chess Tournament Under 11 Boys

Last update 19.03.2023 11:47:47, Creator/Last Upload: UCF

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Starting rank

2Aakshayan M S,IND0
3Aathi Kesavan V,IND0
4Adharsh A,IND0
5Adheesh Nandhakumar,IND0
6Alwin S,IND0
7Andan Bala Singam,IND0
8Aniruth B,IND0
9Arun Balaji P,IND0
10Ashwin T,IND0
11Aswin S,IND0
12Avinash S,IND0
13Azhagar S,IND0
14Biruntha M,IND0
15Cithesh R P,IND0
16Darshan M P,IND0
17Dharneesh S,IND0
18Dharun Kumar N,IND0
19Dhayanitheesh A,IND0
20Gnanakeerthigaan G,IND0
21Gokulavasan C A,IND0
22Gurumoorthy, S33317445IND0
23Hari prasath M V,IND0
24Hari Vignesh S,IND0
25Haribalan R,IND0
26Harikrishna R,IND0
27Harinathan K,IND0
28Harish Ram R,IND0
29Harithejan S,IND0
30Harnish S,IND0
31Ishanthan R,IND0
32Jeneshwar U,IND0
33Jeron J,IND0
34Kalingarayan M,IND0
35Kamaleshwaran K,IND0
36Kaniyamudhan V,IND0
37Karmegam T,IND0
38Karthir Udhayan,IND0
39Kaushik S,IND0
40Kavinilavan T,IND0
41Keerthivarsan P,IND0
42Krishan Selva S,IND0
43Lakshan Narendhiranath,48773433IND0
44Lilathar C,IND0
45Madesh S,IND0
46Mahasvin J,IND0
47Mahidev V,IND0
48Makizhnan M,IND0
49Mithilesh R,IND0
50Murshith Ahamed B,IND0
51Navin S,IND0
52Nikilesh P,IND0
53Nithish R,IND0
54Parinandhan V,IND0
55Prathap S,IND0
56Prince Mathew,IND0
57Raghav B,IND0
58Rohit Vishwa T,IND0
59Rohith Krishna M,IND0
60Sai Prem V,IND0
61Sai Sri Saravannan P R,IND0
62Sai Vishnu Charan P,IND0
63Sanjayram V,IND0
65Siddharth R,IND0
66Suagn Sri O,IND0
67Suriya R C,IND0
68Sushobithan S S,IND0
69Tarun ramcharan V,IND0
71Thiyagesh S,IND0
72Vaibhav R,IND0
74Vedhanayagan M,IND0
75Venkat G,IND0
76Vikas Krishnan V,IND0