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State Level Children Chess Tournament Under 9 Girls

Last update 19.03.2023 12:11:18, Creator/Last Upload: UCF

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Starting rank

1Aasika M,IND0
2Aathini K,IND0
3Angeetha P,IND0
4Brindha S,IND0
6Devashree Babu,IND0
7Diyanethra T,IND0
8Dizah V,IND0
9Elavarasi N A,IND0
10Harita S,IND0
11Hemavardhini K,IND0
12Iniya A S,IND0
13Jarsheni V P,IND0
14Jishnu K,IND0
15KavinayaSri S,IND0
16Kavishnaa N M,IND0
17Kaviya K,IND0
18Kavya S,IND0
19Kaya Sri R,IND0
21Kirushtiya B,IND0
22Lakshana K,IND0
23Magadhi P,IND0
24Mahilinithejasri K J,IND0
25Mahisha P,IND0
26Nikita S,IND0
27Nishaka D,IND0
28Niyalini R,IND0
29Prathiksha R,IND0
30Puvinila R,IND0
31Rakshidha M,IND0
32Rakshitha R,IND0
33Rohitha Sri V,IND0
34Sai Likitha C P,IND0
35Sanjani S A,48748501IND0
36Sanshika R,IND0
37Shanti priya S,IND0
38Shashtikasri T,IND0
39Shivani S,IND0
40Shobika A,IND0
41Shrinaya V,IND0
42Sridharshini G,IND0
43Sudhiksha S S,IND0
44Thamizhini. M,IND0
46Vaishnavi V,IND0
47Vedhasri G,IND0
48Yaazhini R,IND0
49Yohitha A,IND0