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State Level Children Chess Tournament Under 9 Boys

Last update 19.03.2023 12:26:54, Creator/Last Upload: UCF

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Starting rank

1Akil R,IND0
2Akilesh B,IND0
3Amudhan S,IND0
4Ashwa, K88107892IND0
5Ashwin S,IND0
6Ashwin Sanu E,IND0
7Aswanthraj E,IND0
8Dev Shashweth P,IND0
9Dharma Sastha V,IND0
10Dharshan M,IND0
11Dizah V,IND0
12Gokul Sri M,IND0
13Gokuladharsan E,IND0
14Guhan S,IND0
15Harish K,IND0
16Hemkrish S,IND0
17Jax Danno L J,IND0
18Jayaharish J V,IND0
19Jishnu K,IND0
21Karmeesaran K,IND0
22Kavipozhilan G,IND0
23Kesav Josis A,IND0
24Kirthick S S,IND0
25Kishore V,IND0
26Kumaravel S,IND0
27Kumaresh R S,IND0
28Livin N,IND0
29Mahath Raghav R A,IND0
30Md Nifras A,IND0
31Mithran M A,IND0
32Nidheesh A K,IND0
33Niranjan K,IND0
34Niventhan B,IND0
35Prabanjan K,IND0
36Prabas V,IND0
37Priyadharshan A,IND0
38Pugazh S,IND0
39Risaanth Senthilkumar,33472386IND0
40Rishikesh B S,IND0
41Riswanth S A,IND0
42Rithik Ragav M,IND0
43Rohith R(2015),IND0
44Rohith R(2016),IND0
46Sai Krish D,IND0
47Sai Krishnan M,IND0
48Sai Nivas V,IND0
49Sai Ram Kumar G,IND0
50Saicharan B M,IND0
51Saicharan G,IND0
52Sakthi Santhanam,IND0
53Sakthivel V,IND0
54Santhosh V,IND0
55Sathivel V,IND0
56Sharvanth Dhayalan G S,IND0
57Shree Ram E,IND0
58Sree Dharma Sastha R,IND0
59Sreenithin T J,IND0
60Sriganesh E,IND0
61Srikrishnan S,IND0
62Tharun K,IND0
63Tharun Prasath V,IND0
64Varun M,IND0
65Varun Siddharath I,IND0
66Venkatesh R,IND0
67Vignesh R,IND0
68Vipin B V,IND0