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Mlada Boleslav 2007 "DOBA a.s. OPEN" Round robin D - national

Last update 07.08.2007 14:51:04, Creator/Last Upload: Chess Federation of the Czech Republic

Starting rank list of players

3Suchomel OldrichCZE1660Sokol Bakov Nad Jizerou
10Pospisil MartinCZE1534Tj Tourist Biomedica Rica
6Stross FrantisekCZE1510Ddm Praha 6
5Paldus JanCZE1462Sokol Bakov Nad Jizerou
1Balogh EugenCZE1362Sk Emerge Mlada Boleslav
4Zorklerova EliskaCZE1360Sk Emerge Mlada Boleslav
8Stransky MilosCZE1302Sokol Bakov Nad Jizerou
7Baloghova DarinaCZE0Sk Emerge Mlada Boleslav
9Kausylaite GiedreLTU0
2Skalicky TomasCZE0Tj Tourist Biomedica Rica
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