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Eesti kuni 10-a. meistrivõistlused, noormehed

Last update 27.05.2012 13:37:14, Creator/Last Upload: eesti maleliit

Final Ranking crosstable after 7 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.RdPts. TB1 
1Chukavin Kirill1772EST 24b1 4w1 10b1 3w1 2b1 8b1 9w17,027,5
2Vaino Nikita1414EST 27b1 25w1 8b1 9w½ 1w0 16b1 3b15,526,0
3Timoshin Andrei1550EST 13w1 12b1 15w1 1b0 11w1 9b1 2w05,028,5
4Mjastsov Andrei1283EST 20w1 1b0 17w1 16b½ 5b½ 13w1 10b15,027,0
5Pedoson Georg1297EST 18w½ 16b1 9w½ 14b1 4w½ 15b½ 8w15,024,0
6Lip Allan1259EST 26w1 15b0 31w1 8w0 19b1 11b1 16w15,019,5
7Kuznetsov Dmitri1212EST 8b0 30w1 11w0 26b1 25w1 12b½ 15w14,520,0
8Aga Rihard1333EST 7w1 14b1 2w0 6b1 10b1 1w0 5b04,031,0
9Valge Arthur1318EST 21b1 19w1 5b½ 2b½ 15w1 3w0 1b04,029,0
10Kosõhh Kirill1343EST 17w1 11b1 1w0 25b1 8w0 14b1 4w04,027,5
11Narva Mart1283EST 22b1 10w0 7b1 13w1 3b0 6w0 17w14,026,0
12Vija Hendrik1294EST 23b1 3w0 13b0 18b1 17w½ 7w½ 21b14,023,5
Menkov Artjom1237EST 3b0 23w1 12w1 11b0 30w1 4b0 20w14,023,5
14Andrijashkin Deniss1270EST 30b1 8w0 28b1 5w0 21b1 10w0 19b14,021,0
15Toom Markus1334EST 29b1 6w1 3b0 24w1 9b0 5w½ 7b03,526,0
16Derevjanko Dmitri1251EST 31b1 5w0 19b1 4w½ 24b1 2w0 6b03,525,5
17Anmann Erik1222EST 10b0 22w1 4b0 28w1 12b½ 18w1 11b03,523,0
18Güsson Jürgen1200EST 5b½ 24w0 27b1 12w0 29b1 17b0 22w13,520,0
19Trofimov Erik0EST -1 9b0 16w0 20b1 6w0 26b1 14w03,022,5
20Konjusenko Vladislav1200EST 4b0 27w1 25b0 19w0 28b1 24w1 13b03,019,0
21Meier Toomas1205EST 9w0 26b0 22w1 31b1 14w0 30b1 12w03,018,0
Lupanov Maksim1200EST 11w0 17b0 21b0 -1 31w1 25w1 18b03,018,0
23Jürimäe Marcus1200EST 12w0 13b0 29b0 27w0 -1 31b1 30w13,015,0
24Kuldmaa Tanel1249EST 1w0 18b1 26w1 15b0 16w0 20b0 28w½2,523,0
25Visnapuu Hugo Johannes1275EST 28w1 2b0 20w1 10w0 7b0 22b0 29w½2,522,0
26Kuusing Markus0EST 6b0 21w1 24b0 7w0 27b½ 19w0 -12,520,0
27Svedov Andrei1225EST 2w0 20b0 18w0 23b1 26w½ 28w0 31b12,519,0
28Globenko Artjom0EST 25b0 29w1 14w0 17b0 20w0 27b1 24b½2,518,0
29Lebedev Stephan1215EST 15w0 28b0 23w1 30b0 18w0 -1 25b½2,516,0
30Hughes Uku0EST 14w0 7b0 -1 29w1 13b0 21w0 23b02,020,0
31Lang Rico0EST 16w0 -1 6b0 21w0 22b0 23w0 27w01,019,0

Tie Break1: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)

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