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Women's World Rapid Championship 2012

Last update 03.06.2012 16:22:44, Creator/Last Upload: georgian chess federation

Player overview for SCO

29GMArakhamia-Grant Ketevan2426SCO01½½10½10105,523

Results of the last round for SCO

Rd.Bo.No. NameFEDRtgPts. ResultPts. NameFEDRtg No.
GMCramling PiaSWE2478 1 - 0 GMArakhamia-Grant KetevanSCO2426

Player details for SCO

GM Arakhamia-Grant Ketevan 2426 SCO Rp:2459 Pts. 5,5
14GMDzagnidze Nana2547GEO7,0s 0
246WIMMikadze Miranda2323GEO4,5w 1
39GMHarika Dronavalli2508IND7,5w ½
425IMMatnadze Ana2446ESP4,5s ½
534WGMCori T Deysi2386PER5,0w 1
620IMMuzychuk Mariya2456UKR5,0s 0
722IMJavakhishvili Lela2449GEO6,5w ½
815GMSocko Monika2484POL4,5s 1
912GMZhu Chen2491QAT6,5s 0
1014GMDanielian Elina2484ARM5,5w 1
1116GMCramling Pia2478SWE6,5s 0
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