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Campeonato Distrital Absoluto Leiria - Época 2011/2012

Last update 16.06.2012 22:21:44, Creator/Last Upload: portuguese chess federation (licence 16)

Player info

NameSantos Luis Carlos Nobre
Starting rank20
Rating national1338
Rating international0
Performance rating1418
Club/CityAx Benedita/Ap Cavalgante
Year of birth 1990


178Belo Miguel Angelo Petinga166616661666PORAssoc. Tabuleiro De Cores4,0w 0
21017Custodio Marco Miguel Rogerio187401874PORAssoc. Tabuleiro De Cores1,0s 0
3914Silva Fernando Jorge De Sena160216021602PORAx Bombarral/Ccmb3,0w 0
4919Marques Catarina Alexandra Figueiredo135001350PORAx Benedita/Ap Cavalgante2,0s 1
5923Rodrigues Constanca Filipa F114901149PORAx Benedita/Ap Cavalgante1,5s 1
6713Cavadas Francisco Manuel Silv161816181618PORAx Benedita/Ap Cavalgante3,0w 0